The Prisoner of War No 14 Vol 2 June 1943

THE RED OFFICIAL JOURNAL CROSS ST.AND JOHN OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES'S DEPARTMENT OF THE PALACE. LONDON. S.W.I H P Freer to Next of Kin Vol. 2. No. 14 June, 1943 peal on their behalf— proof that P.O .W are.s not forgotten. Lend-lease in Reverse !RE LAT IVES of sick or severely wounded prisoners in German camps will be glad to learn from a statement which appears 011 page 12 that negotiations forth eir'rep atriation were resumed a few weeks ago after along interval. I t appears, according to information that has reached the Foreign Office, that the German authorities have a t length replied to proposals made to them b they Swiss authorities. N o speedy result can be expected, but it is a t least satisfactory to know that things are moving again a t last. ,“Our Last Months as P.O.W .”The news that Dunkirk has been gloriously avenged on the shores of North Africa will have rejoiced no one more than those who were taken prisoner just three years ago in those grim days of B.E.the .’sF last stand a t Dunkirk which made the evacuation possible. I have before me a letter written a few weeks ago b y one of ,anthem officer in the H .A.C .,now in O flag V I I B ."Spring has arrived in this part of the world ,”he writes gaily, "blood fairly rushing through the old K riegie's veins, chess-boards, gram m ars, etc., flung aside, and the old cries of Home- by-Sum iner bandied back and forth. L eng thy discus­sions on invasion, attack sand counter-attacks goon from dawn till dusk.... I have attempted, and hope succeeded, b y these few lines to give you all a picture of our high spirits and feelings of being P.O.W .”Those high spirits and hopes will have been braised they news of recent events which will certainly have trickled through to them b y now. A Troopship Auction aWhile troopship was 011 its way to the Middle East some weeks ago, the idea occurred to two officers of publishing a special edition of the ship ’s news sheet in order to auction copies on behalf of Prisoners of War. The auction was introduced b any officer who had himself been a P.O the last war, and was so successful that the astonishing total realised was £277 15s. id .The money was handed into the South African Red Cross at Durban with a letter asking me toe x ­press the hope that m y readers, when writing to their prisoners, would tell them of the enthusiasm with which all 011 the troopship responded to the ap- and hopes of our last months This summer scene was taken at Campo P.G.73. ‘‘Much interest in the Prime Min ister’s recent journey ”(to C asa­ blanca), writes a flight lieutenant from O flag X X I B ,under date February 1st, which seems to show that in his cam p,at any rate, good new sis not long in getting through. H e add a t some Americans from Tunisia have arrived ,and some of them who had never met Englishmen before took avery favo ur­ viewable o f British hospitality. They Want to Know The Senior British Officer atone of the German camps writes that prisoners are always very anxious to know who is the donor of books or tobacco that reach them in parcels from shops in this country. These parcels contain the name of the perm it-holder, i.e .,the shop, b u tit is not practicable to include the donor’s name. Anyone ordering books 01 tobacco to be sent out is therefore .urged to write to the P.O.W .concerned and give him par­ticulars of the things ordered, when they were sent off and from what shop. If It Rains, They Sing A tribute to the spirit of his fellow prisoners in Cam po P.G .82 comes from a young G odalm ing man who joined up in South Africa and was captured b y a German patrol in the desert after escaping from Tobruk. ‘‘You can never get the fellows here down ,”he writes. ‘‘The more it rains the more they sing, and every discomfort is a subject for joke s.”He adds a warning against waste.
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