The WWI Diaries of Captain - Late Major Geoffrey Beeston-Bancroft. Army Service Corps

The Diaries o f Captain Geoffrey Beeston-Bancroft 1914-18 Geoffrey Beeston-Bancroft Geoffrey Beeston-Bancroft was born at Ash Villas Castle-Northwich Cheshire in 1896 the son of William Bancroft and Ann Beeston of Bridge House Audlem Cheshire the latter being the daughter of a farming family which could trace their lineage back for many centuries and to whom the transcriber is distantly related. He had an elder brother George Raymond inborn 1890 and a younger John Bevis inborn 1897. In 1900 the family moved to Mere Bank Weaverham Cheshire. He was educated at Warwick School from which he joined the Public Schools Corps of the Army gaining a commission as a Lieutenant on the 23rd October 1914. Geoffrey was later upgraded to Captain and served throughout the First World War. What follows are his diaries from that time. The diaries commence in November 1914.^ fatedUteiday —Paid MnA -??m itf iMPopped c a^id U - uuth JlanA on and took Lit Inf- tra into/ 1 G.S. .(Army Service Corps) theatre-. Boucjht buMrtd jrom Ganter. R ettfm toed S t M ichaels road to -lunch, fyarew etl to- JlanAan. Paraded c^uite to -S. Matched doum in compianif- u u tk 9 7 other GA.S. .men to iia iio n . Neville- &?came to 'Lay janew eil. OndeM- to coven Hindi-. diet out o j carriacje w-ith Qilmore &Alder etc-. Southampton 12pjn- receive- tenth tickets and upalk about. lbump kit. !)am in 2 ^ c ta A A- tenth ats^ut 2 0 ctm-p&nioni-. Sup^per in Saloon. V um in. 5 J t VUuM-. Holt oid- a t 5.30 and uuitch itevedlosieA. a tum v u Lone- them threw- m e a thick cujan uphich !)enjoyed. French q ir i intruded mon y 4 /d ita pry a tn o t o f the tswat deck. Introduced ounAetveA- she was the dauqJd&r o j a fyien ch MiniAten- in the- tied jia n tow-n—. BneakjjOAt a t 37
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