The Prisoner of War No 12 Vol 1 April 1943

16 The Prisoner of W ir Apr ii., 1943 The British Spirit MANY letters show that Christmas made a¦very deep impression on the minds of those who passed it in prison camps. Here are some extracts from letters:—1 "The Xmas we have had this year has been a credit to the spirit of the boys. W e spent an hour with God in prayer in the morning. He was very near to us. W e English prisoners of war in Germany thank the Red Cross for the care they have taken to ensure us a comfortable Xmas.”— (Stalag X B).‘‘X I had &three to four hours' train journey on December 26th to preach for the Xmas service for Stalag VII A.We had a Lutheran church, seating 1,000, and packed with troops, mainly Aus­tralian s.”—(R ev.E .V. Cave .C.F .).“Xmas went of! very well— thanks only to the Red Cross. The spirit here was something to remember.... I saw the padre to-night and have to see him to-morrow morning to talk things over, as I feel deeply on spiritual matters these days. Ail the boredom of our former days is now dis­pelled. School has opened here and I am trying to get all I can out of i .F..”—(R.At Sergt., Stalag V IIIB A). German Officer’s Tribute “The boys have plenty of spirit, Dad. The Unter-Olfizier said:‘ I hope and pray our lads in Britain have the same plucky spirit.' They are good lads, Dad and Mum, it’s impossible to kill guts like th a t.”—(A Glasgow private, Stalag IV A ).”Keep your heads* high, for soon, with peace, comes the greatest trial for tolerance. May we show humanity after peace as before it. ...The Red Cross again supplied us with a bumper parcel without which Xmas would abe mere mockery.” A—(B. .Kettle.) “We all live, in hopes of an end to this way of. livin gin the New Year, but if our hopes are not realised, don ’t worry. I get stronger with each dis­appointment— w hy worry, things always turnout all right in the end .”—(A Lance-Corporal in Cam po P.G .73.) New Fellowship in Camp ”...Optimism runs high and after our Xmas festivities there is anew fellowship a t the camp. Old grievances have been forgotten and anew ‘muck- ing-in ’spirit prfcvails.” — (Stalag X X B .57 .)NUMBER, PLEASE !PLEASE be sure to mention your Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. Hnv fiiuesttpits? Family May Contribute Is it illegal for my husband's family to contribute couponed gifts for his parcel? No, they may give you clothing to include in your husband's parcel if they wish to do so. Meaning of Settore My son is at Campo P.G .73 his addresi includes the word Settore 1. /s this the name of a town and is it any help to you in locating the camp? e word“ settorc ”simply indicates a section of the camp. The sections are frequently known by numbers. S talag X X B What is the nearest big town to my husband's camp, Stalag X X B?It is .given as being near Marienburg. Yes, Marienburg is the nearest big town. Follow His Advice My husband, who is in an Italian prison camp, mentioned that I »iust not use “squared "paper when I write¦ to him. Could you tell me if this is so? You had better follow your husband’s instructions, and use either plain or lined paper. C Campo P.G .70 Is the location of Campo P.G .70 known yet? No. Meaning of G .Y .M.O. 1 Can you give theme meaning of the letters G .Y .M.O .after my husband’ scamp, Stalag X X IA ?The letters G .Y .M.O .denote a certain section of Stalag X X IA .It was part of a building formerly used as a school. Ideas for Dunkirk P.O.W .My son has been a prisoner since Dun­ kirk. He says he has ample clothes could you give meany other suggestions for his parcel? You could send your son chocolate, soap and toilet articles, a pencil, and perhaps a pair of slippers, and wrap a towel around them. Kit-Bag Query I am sending a kit-bag in my hus­band’s next parcel. I have had the metal eye-holes and lock removed. May I buttonhole stitch the raw edges with thread? Could I also include a drawstring for the top of the kit-bag? You may certainly buttonhole stitch the eye-holes and putin a draw-string or, alternatively, make ahem and thread a draw-string through it. Can I Send Wool? My son has become a keen knitter. Could I send him wool instead of a pull­over? If you will refer to the leaflet sent each quarter with your label and coupons, you will see that wool and knitting needles are included among the articles which maybe sent.________ ,________ Campo P.G .53 Can you give theme location of Campo P.G .53? The location of this cam pis not yet known. Embroidery Materials May I send a plain linen tablecloth and embroidery silks in my son’s next- of-kin parcel? Coloured silks and cottons, plain linen or canvas for embroidering, without printed pattern or designs, maybe sent in the quarterly parcels. P.O.W .’s Friends Is it harmful to. a prisoner to mention names of his friends wild maybe with him? I have just heard that my brother’s best friend is in the same camp ashe is. No, we do not think that there would be any harm in your doing this. No Greetings Cards Allowed. May I send a hand-painted birthday card to Oflag IIIC ?No birthday or greetings cards maybe sent to prisoners of war. No Enclosures May we attach photographs to the air­mail cards as the prisoners do to us? No.N o enclosures maybe sent in the air-mail letter cards. One Boot? Our son does 1 not seem to get his parcel when ive put boots in it. Would theN ext-of-kin Packing Centre accept a parcel tvith one boot at a time? No, because the coupons used must correspond with the contents of the parcel. •Meaning of“ M ”Please tell me what the"M "stands for “ Stampilager VIII .””MB ”stands for”M annschaften,” which means “other ranks ”as distinct from officers. Parcel from Cairo I have been told that if I send a guinea to Cairo, an extra parcel maybe sent to my son in an Italian camp. Is this true? No. P.O.W .’sKit from Middle East My son, who is now a ptisoner of war in Italy, has asked tome get his kit home front the Middle East. Is this possible? E nquiries concerning effects of officer P.O .W .s should be sent to the War Office those concerning other ranks should Lie sent to the Prisoner's Record Office. FREE TO NEXT-OF-KIN THiS journal is sent free o f chargc to those registered with the Prisoners o f War Dept as next-of-kin. In view o f the paper shortage no copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next-of-kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested. Printed in Great Britain lor the Publisher- The CRed r o s sandS t .John War Organ i sat i o n,i.| Grosvcnor Crescent. London, S .W.iny Tin Uiknvv^i.' I’ res ,Ltd. Paris Garden. Stamford Street, London. S.E .i.
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