The Thankful Village of Bradbourne, Derbyshire 18 Soldiers who all returned.

Page 4 tranquillity and beauty of their homes in the Dales of their beloved Derbyshire. There is a single Great War grave in the churchyard of Private Holmes from the Village of Aldwark which is about 4 miles from Bradbourne Aldwark is 2 miles north of Brassington. In August 2013 Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft rode motorbikes to everyone of the 51 “Thankful Villages” in the United Kingdom. Seethe picture on the back cover. Amazingly 14 of the Villages are “Double Thankful” where everyone who left also returned from the Second World War. We have not yet proved that Bradbourne is a “Double Thankful Village”. Those who live in the “Thankful Villages” are tremendously proud of their status. Medwyn and Dougie were very pleased to meet with residents –especially descendants of those who survived the conflict -and of course the Royal British Legion. More than nine million men and women are estimated to have served in the British Armed Forces during the First Word War. Unfortunately more than half of their service records were destroyed in September 1940 when a German bombing raid struck the War office repository in London. However an estimated 2.8 million service records survived the bombing. This means that there is roughly a 40% chance of finding the service record of a soldier who was discharged at sometime between 1914 and 1920. At the start of writing people in the Village only knew of 4 names who might 4 in the 18. After a lot of help from Local knowledge and a great deal of research on the internet we now have all the names of the 18 with details on page 7 and a list of those “Probably not” on page 9. There are also three summaries: The Place of Birth on page 2 The Homes on page 6 and The Regiments and Service numbers on page 19.
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