The Thankful Village of Bradbourne, Derbyshire 18 Soldiers who all returned.

Page 3 The Thankful Village of Bradbourne, Derbyshire Bradbourne is a “Thankful Village” the only one in Derbyshire. It is “Thankful” because 18 people enlisted in the First World War and all returned at the end of the War so the village has no War Memorial. But what were the names of the 18 mentioned in Arthur Mees book The Kings England Derbyshire? Finding the details of the names on War Memorials is relatively easy but the names of those enlisted rarely give their place of birth. Local knowledge is the best source of details but after 100 years not everyone of the 18 is remembered. The census of 1901 and 1911 give names of those living in Bradbourne. However the Forces War Record Website rarely gives their place of birth so it is not easy if there are many soldiers with the same name as a name known in Bradbourne to find the Soldier with that name who was from Bradbourne. Sally Mullins has been a great help to us in finding the Soldier. The Village of Bradbourne The population of the Village at the time of the Great War was about 130 so the 18 men represented avery large portion of the able bodied men in this very rural community. Many of those who returned had been scarred physically and or mentally by their horrific ordeal. At the time of writing there is no memorial in Bradbourne to indicate that all 18 the servicemen returned to the peace
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