The Thankful Village of Bradbourne, Derbyshire 18 Soldiers who all returned.

Page 182 Thankful Soldiers who all returned Place of Birth and Service Number PLACE OF BIRTH Service No. Henry BALDY 1876 Bradbourne 119029 Frank BARBER 1900 Bradbourne 350357 Francis EYRE 1892 Bradbourne -Benjamin GOULD 1883 Bradbourne 3088 Leslie W GREENLEAF 1898 Westminster 4783 William J HEATH 1886 Duffield 1193 Cornelius HEATHCOTE 1894 Bradbourne 48889 William E L HODSON 1893 Birmingham 152430 James Henry LOWE 1881 Bradbourne 201851 Francis W. MASKERY 1900 Ballidon 28328 Frank MELLOR 1898 Bradbourne 418594 Fred MYERS 1894 St Albans 46474 William MYERS 1896 St Albans 107359 Edward NEEDHAM 1888 Bradbourne 22830 Leslie TRAFFORD 1892 Bradbourne 103228 George Henry WALTON 1900 Bradbourne 15853 John William WALTON 1898 Bradbourne 20425 Frank WHITEHEAD 1880 Elton Lieut. The records of place of birth are from the censuses. The war records very rarely register the place of birth so it is very difficult to find the service record of a soldier from Bradbourne. Local knowledge that a person from Bradbourne enlisted is final proof. For each new person who might be in the 18 it is helpful to know: their date of birth when they lived in Bradbourne their Regiment and Service number. Anyone reading these lists who knows one of the people served in the First World War please get in touch with Martin Hulbert or Jean Castledine.
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