The Thankful Village of Bradbourne, Derbyshire 18 Soldiers who all returned.

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Page 13 By the age of 16 he left for Australia, and signed up for the Australian Forces almost right away. There are extensive Australian war records — 27 pages about him. They make fascinating reading. Leslie was, let’s say — a colourful character. (See Leslie Greenleaf in Google, for much more.) He was in trouble a number of times during his service, for smoking, being late for parade, and being absent. He was also wounded twice — a gunshot wound to the hand, and a more serious wound to his body. He was sent to England for medical care. He also - hmm... caught a nasty disease from a young lady - and was hospitalised for many weeks. Yet his story does not stop there — he was awarded the Miltary Cross for bravery. How incredible! The Two Brothers, John William Walton and George Henry Walton photo of John William Walton on page 16. John and George, the eldest two, aged 12 and 11, of the five children of Thomas and Ellen Walton, were living with their three younger sisters in Rock Cottage, Bradbourne, at the time of the 1911 Census. Little did they know what was in store for them a few years later! Their father, Thomas, was a Council Roadman born in Brassington. Soon after the outbreak of the Great War, at the age of 17, John William enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 22nd December 1915, and his Service number was 20425. He went off to War, and served on H.M.S. Prince Rupert. His brother George Henry, followed his brother into the Marines, also at the age of 17, as a Bugler, enlisting on 27th June 1917, and his Service number was 15853. They both came back after the war, very “Thankful”. George appears in the De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour. They both received two medals, the Victory Medal and the British War Medal.
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