The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry

5230052300623007230082300923010 230I I 2301223013230142301523016 23017230182301923020230212302223023230242302523026230272302823029230302303123032230332303423035 Seven tee nth High land L ig h tIn fan try .12 tli Sept. 1914 till 2 2nd Nov. 1915— contd. Rank. Name. Pte. Peat Harold Ross. Pte. M'Queen James. Pte. Black Max. Pte. Robertson James. Pte. Campbell Roland. Pte. Bell James. Pte. Drummond Alex. G. Pte. Kerr William. Pte. M 'Clym ont Robert. Pte. Brown Hector M‘D. Pte. Meadows Bentley. Pte. Train Thomas. Pte. Sutherland Daniel. Pte. Watt John. Pte. H alliday William. Pte. M'Cormack John Jeffrey. Pte. Gray John. Pte. Dickson John. Pte. Anderson WilliamS. Pte. M'Gowan Archibald James. Pte. Farquhar Henry Steven. Pte. Somerville Peter. Pte. M acIntyre William M. Pte. Spence Ernest Alex. Pte. Ross E.N. Pte. Drummond J. Pte. Dick James. Pte. O gilvie James. Pte. Johnston John. Pte. M onteath William. Pte. Kirkhope James B.
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