East Preston and Kingston in the Great War.

5 Contents Introduction 61- A Village Before the Great War 8 A Snapshot of the Village in 19118 Kingston 172-The Great War at Home 19 False Hopes 19 Patriotism 20 The School 24 Labour 27 Comforts for the Soldiers 29 Savings 29 Scouts at 'Seaview Hotel' Coastguards 31 Prisoners of War 31 War Hospital -the Blue Coats 34 South Strand Sports Club 41 The Village 42 Sports Clubs 44 Tribunals and Conscription 45 Food Production 46 Rationing 50 Bombers and Aviators 52 MotorCars and Women's Lib 55 Elections 57 Peace Day Celebrations 593- The Western Front 1914-191861 Recruitment 61 The Battles 191462 The Battles 191564 The Battles 191666 The Battles 191771 The Battles 191878 HomeComing and Those who survived 83 Letters from the Front 88 Great War Memorial 914- Those Who Died WWI 955- War Memorials WWI & WWII 1186- East Preston &Kingston Maps 1277- Photographs of Villagers named on Memorials 133
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