East Preston and Kingston in the Great War.

3 East Preston and Kingston in the Great War Two villages and parishes in West Sussex a century ago. RW Standing 2014 Principal References Scr Scribble-magazine by William Hollis 1916-1919 LG Littlehampton Gazette WG Worthing Gazette WSG West Sussex Gazette WSCCLS West Sussex County Library Service Great War Project] WSRO West Sussex Record Office resources mainly Parochial Par152/- and Royal Sussex war diaries. Battleground Sussex, John Grehan 2012 The Somme The Day by Day Account Chris McCarthy 1993 The Great War Peter Simkins 1991 Newspapers are a good source for the Union District Council and other activities at the workhouse but the POW camp at Preston Place is barely mentioned. Commonwealth War Graves Commission: This was established in 1917, based on work recording war graves already underway. After the Armistice cemeteries were designed and established and these are maintained to this day. Soldiers Died in the Great War: In 1921 HMSO published details of soldiers who had died. In 1998 a set of CDs were issued. War Diaries: For the various battalions of the Royal Sussex regiment at WSRO but those for other regiments have not been consulted. Many of these may soon be put 'online' at which time this book maybe updated with exact battleground accounts. This book was based largely on the latter sources together with a variety of local material such as the memorials themselves and a few excellent family documents and reminiscences. Recently released details from the 1911 census have been invaluable. There has been a proliferation of websites in particular the Roll of Honour, and Forces War Records. These are not absolutely definitive In Forces War Records the term Residing Town is misleading it generally signifies the place in which a man was conscripted and not where he lived. East Preston and neighbour Kingston are often misplaced in another county. Personal details are not always correct and there are avast number of soldiers listed lacking full Christian or first names.
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