William Stopford Sarsfield - his life summary and War Record

Major WillieS Sarsfield 3.12/08/144 Campaign Medals 1:1914 Star The 1914 Star was instituted in 1917 for service ashore in France and Flanders between 5 August and 22 November 1914. In 1919 a clasp bearing the above dates was authorised and given to those individuals who had actually been under fire between the prescribed dates popularly known as the 'Mons star' there were 378000 awarded in total. A person who served during the period of 05/08/1914 and 31/12/1915 would have been awarded one or the other of the 'stars' (i.e. either the 1914 star which has '1914' on the scroll OR the 1914-15 star which has '1914-15' on the scroll NOT both. 2366000 awarded in Total. Given the information we have available it is likely that William Stopford Sarsfield was entitled to the Victory medal also called the Inter Allied Victory Medal. This medal was awarded to all who received the 1914 Star or 1914-15 Star and with certain exceptions to those who received the British War Medal. It was never awarded alone. These three medals were sometimes irreverently referred to as PipSqueak and Wilfred. Eligibility for this award consisted of having been mobilised fighting having served in any of the theatres of operations or at sea between midnight 4th/5th August 1914 and midnight 11th/12th November 1918.4. References to relevant documents: 1. Willie Sarsfields War Record at: Https://www.forces-war- records.co.uk/viewrecord/1569541/?reference=arrowLinks&registered=true&ident=1516054 2. His entry in Lives of the First World War on Imperial War Museum website at: https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/lifestory/3904219 3. The Connaught Rangers 3 Volumes (Vol:1 - 1st Battalion Vol:2 - 2nd Battalion Formerly 94th Foot Vol:3 - 5th & 6th Service Battalions) Lieut. Col. H.F. N. Jourdain CMG and Edward Fraser ROYAL UNITED SERVICE INSTITUTION 1926 republished by Schull Books in 1999.4. Battle of The Aisne 13th-15th September 1914 Tour of the Battlefield Official War Office guide to the First Battle of the Aisne By Command of the Army Council The War Office 31st December 1934. ISBN: 9781845740351 N&M Press reprint 2005. SB.56pp with an account of the battle lessons learned from the fighting and the order of battle for the British French and German forces engaged. The pamphlet comes with three main battlefield maps illustrating the unfolding action and five sketch maps showing the stands to view the panorama of the battlefield. 5. Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914 Max Hastings pub. William Collins First Edition 12 Sept. 2013.6. THE SARSFIELDS OF CORK family history Colonel RWH Crawford OBE Feb. 2009.7. William Stopford Sarsfield -his life summary and War Record 1868-1914 (this document online access at: https://www.dropbox.com/l/wyAq7NwML4YMhnrqzMuizp
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