WWII Diary and Report of Escaped P.O.W Sgt. Robert J. D. Powdrill. Service Number: 6014816 (Buffs) Royal East Kent Regiment.

After some slight difficulties we arrested the German Colonel and his Adjutant and took them at pistol point back to the Americans. We all eventually found the lorry and regained the American lines where the German officers were held as hostages. As a result the whole 7000 Allied prisoners of war were given safe conduct and were escorted to the American lines within two days. Sapper Hartley and I were given V.I.P. treatment by the Americans and as a ‘reward for our efforts were flown by special plane to Paris and home. I have never told this story to the Army authorities orin fact to anyone other than one or two close friends and I have therefore have bought some ‘souvenirs as proof of my story. Sapper G.C Hartley now lives at 88 Lauder Road Doncaster and would of course substantiate this account. ROBERT J. D. POWDRILL First Name: R J Initials: R J Surname: Powdrill Resided Town: Stalag 20b Marienburg Nationality: British
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