A History of The 10th (Service) Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment 1914-1919

204 Index R Raids 97100125126156166 caR quin g hem 158 R as-el-E sh 44 Raft (River L y s )177 Reception o f Cadre 186 Refugees 125 R en escu re 159 Rhone River 56 R ic heb o u rg lA vou^ e 96148-9 R ic heb o u rg St. V a a st 95-96 R ie z B a illeu l 94 Rip ling ham 3 Rip o n 1722-3073-74114131 Robe c q 93-499113 R o clin court 116125126128 R o lsto n 46716 R o lsto n Camp 9101322 R ossign ol Farm 99100 R ossign ol Wood no- i n Rued u Bois 97 SackS ville Street 80S a illy a u B ois qq 100104 S a illy Dell 108 Salisbury 263133 Salt Works 41 S ca orb rough Bombardment of 8 S eclin 156 Sen esch al Farm 97 S erre 657685-68890101103,107-8111 Sheffield 186 S k ellg ill Bridge 26 Skip sea 7101141 Slug Street 79109 n o Somme 5g 68 Battles of 8491,93101 Specialists n 2368 Spit The 44 Sports 49 Staple 172 Stonehenge 32 St. Catherine 125 St. Eloy 125 St. Martin au L a rte 184 t.OmeS r 158184185188 St. Pierre Div ion 101 St. Pol 93136-7 St. Q u en tin 176 teenS w erk e 148169170171 Stokes Gun 62 S tra zeele 172 Stud le y Royal 25 Sub marines 34 S u crerie 74-7680 Sun Helmets 33 Sunrise 7 Sus St. Leger 145 Suez Canal 384348 Suez Canal D efen ce Force 374156 S w arte n bro u ck 164167 Sweet Water Canal 43-4448 S w evegh em 183 Swing Bridge 44 T Tanks 99100 T erram esn il 108112 T h elu s 116 T h ien n es 93 Thieu sh o u k 158 T h ievres 93 Tonics 105130-135 Tran b y Croft 2 Tunisian 53-55 U U lro m e 7 V Vale tta 36-7131 Valois 56 V a u ch elle s 9299 V e rc inge to rix 100-3 I04 111 reV dun 54 Versailles 57 Vie ille C h ape lle 132 Vie u x B erq u in 147154167-8 Ville rs C h a tel 115132 Vim y 126130145 Vim y Ridge 114128130 V lame rtin g h e 184 W alloW n C app e l 159 Warn ave River 175 Warn im ont Wood 72-74869699,100105 W attrelos 178 W elton 3 Wig n aco u rt 112 Worm ald Green 25128 W ytsch aete 150 Y York 22 Ypres 117183“ Y ”Ravine 61 Printed by A .Brown &Sons Ltd .Hull.
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