29th Divisional Artillery War Record and Honours Book 1915-1918

iv PREFACE. It was therefore not till the end of the year 1919 that the material had been collected and even then it was obvious that owing to the incompleteness of War Diaries and other records the work would without further information fall far short of what it is desired to attain. Even at this period an immense amount of rearranging and typing was necessary before going to press and it was therefore thought that the best plan would be to get a considerable number of copies of the history portion in proof form send a copy to every officer who would be likely to supply more information and to get on with the preparation for the press of the rest of the work pending receipt of replies from the officers to whom the history had been sent. Unfortunately I have since been ordered to China where dis­tance from the U .K .precludes the above arrangement and I must now adhere to the original plan which was explained to all ranks of the D.A. before the final break-up in Germany viz.—to publish a first (cheap) edition of the work and ask everyone to help in per­fecting the final edition. The history as it stands at present is in many cases incomplete, and is generally bald and comparatively uninteresting. Many officers and other ranks must have records either in the form of diaries or letters to their relatives recounting incidents which would be of great interest and historical value. I ask them to send them along. My address is given at the end of the preface. ft is not possible at the present moment to forcast what will bethe price of the final edition which it is thought should abe high class production as far as printing paper and binding are concerned. Much will depend on the demand and officers and others will assist materially by letting me know as soon as possible that they are will­ing to purchase a copy. The question of maps to accompany the work has perplexed me considerably. The D.A. served in so many places in France and Belgium that the inclusion of maps to illustrate all their doings would make the price prohibitive. In the hope that purchasers are already in possession of maps of the theatre of operations in which they are particularly interested I have omitted maps entirely! In conclusion I have to thank the following officers and others for their assistance:— Sergeant-Major (Superintending Clerk) H. W .Adams late chief clerk at D .A.H .Q .by whose untiring labour and excellent memory much of the spadework was accomplished. Lance Bombr. H.P. Steel and Corporal D. J. Edwards of the D.A.H.Q. clerical staff for their labours with the Casualty Lists. Major J. N. Thomson .S.O.D M.C. late Brigade Major 29th D.A. for extracting entries from voluminous gazettes and for the entire work of proofreading and final editing of the book. The Officer i/c R.H. and R.F.A. Records for kindly placing all Part II Orders at my disposal. Brig.-Genl. J. E. Edmonds chief of the Historical Section of the C.I.D .for his assistance in placing the War Diaries at my dis­posal.
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