29th Divisional Artillery War Record and Honours Book 1915-1918

PREFACE. 1 he original intention of this book was to provide the recipients of honours with some record of the deeds for which such honours were bestowed. This intention owes its origin to the Honours Book kept by (then) Major-General Sir Beauvoir de Lisle and continued, after that officer left onus promotion to command an Army Corps, by Major-General D. S. Cayley. The Divisional Honours Book, however did not include the text of the recommendations made in individual cases— in fact could not possibly do so as the necessary time and labour for the inclusion of so much detail would have been totally impracticable on active service. In the peaceful time how­ever which reigned after the Division had settled down in its winter quarters after the march into Germany an attempt was made to improve 011 the Divisional Book as far as the Divisional Artillery was concerned by the inclusion of the text of the recommendations. It was thought thereby to make the record more valuable to the recipients of honours as except in the case of immediate awards no “story” appears in the gazette announcing such awards whilst, even in the case of immediate ones the volume of gazettes was so enormous during the war that many an individual may never have seen the text of his recommendation if he was not still present with his unit at the time the award was made. Thanks however to the courtesy of the“A ”Branch of the 29th Division whose records were at my disposal such a complete record was made of all the recorrtmendations and awards that it then seemed worthwhile to improve on the original idea and include a short his­tory of the doings of the .A.D a list of casualties and a record of officers services. The inclusion of these extra portions has unfortunately post­poned publication very considerably. To take the case of casualties alone although there was what purported to abe complete record of these in the D.A.H.O. office and this was converted into alpha­betical order by the strenuous efforts of the H.Q. clerks yet when this list came to be checked by the Part IT Orders of units it was found to teem with omissions and inaccuracies and the work of cor­rection has been considerable and lengthy. Then again sometime elapsed before the opportunity presented itself of making many visits to the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence in order to extract the necessary information from the War Diaries of units for the compilation of the short history. The record of officers’ services on the other hand was compiled with comparative ease, though from every conceivable source.
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