29th Divisional Artillery War Record and Honours Book 1915-1918

29TH DIVISIONAL ARTILLERY. 235 (ii) From Major General J .Campbell Commanding 31st Division, to the C .R.A .and others.“ I wish to thank you and the officers .C.ON sandmen under your command for the splendid work that has been done during the recent operations and to congratulate all ranks on the succes obtained. There were difficulties which had to be contended within the preparations owing to the short time available but they were over­come by the kneenness and goodwill of all ranks. I particularly wish to thank the Artillery of the 29th Division, 30th Division and 28th Army Brigade .F.AR .for their ever ready and timely support.” 9. From Brig.-Genl. Cheape Commanding 86th Infantry Brigade 19th August 1918. “My infantry wish to express their admiration for the most perfect barrage which you put up to-day during our attack. There were no shorts and it was like walking behind a ‘wall .”10. Private letter from Brig.-Genl. Godfrey Gillson G.O .C. R.A. Xth Corps to the C .R.A. 4th August 1918. ‘‘Just aline to congratulate you and the 29th Divisional Artillery on the really excellent show they put up at your ceremonial parade the other day. I have seen a good many of them in my time but should not have thought it possible to get such results under our present conditions. Tome it was areal treat to see all ranks sitting up and looking so proud of themselves. They have indeed a good right to do so after the last four years. Good luck to you all. FINIS.
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