Profile Publications No. 124 The Curtiss SB2C-1 Helldiver

Rough water tests on the X S B 2 C - 2 in Hampton Roads, Virginia were conducted in March 1943 by pilots from SAN Norfolk, Virgin ia. This shot shows the aircraft immediately after touching down. (Photo: U.S. Navy) SPECIFIC A T ION SB2C-1 H elld rive General: Span (spread) 49-72 ft. (folded) 22-54 ft. Length 36-67 ft. Height (tail wheel on ground, prop, blade vertical), 14-75 ft. (wings folded) 16-83 ft. Wing :Area, 422 sq. ft. Root chord 12 ft. Tip chord (theoretical at tip) 5-17 ft. Incidence (root), 1-5': Twist, 2 :dihedral, 6 .Root section, NACA 23017: tip section, 23009. Split flaps, upper and lower, area 52-2 sq. ft. Max. deflection, landing 0 up, 60° down: dive 45° up, 45 down. Leading edge slat, extended with landing gear, 29-4 span inboard from end of rounded tip. Frise ailerons with balance and trim tabs, total area aft of hinge 13-7 sq. ft. each. Horizontal Tail: Span 19-04 ft. Area 107-4 sq. ft. Elevator area, incl. trim tab, 37-88 sq. ft. Stabilizer incidence 3 .Vertical Tail: Area 45-7 sq. ft. Rudder area, incl. trim tab, 22-2 sq. ft. Fin offset 1-5 leading edge left. Engine: Wright R-2600-8. Military and take-off power: 1,700 h.p./2,6C0 r.p.m./sea level to 3,000 ft. 1,450 h.p./ 2,500 r.p.m./7,800 ft. to 12,000 ft. Normal power: 1,500 h.p./2,400 r.p.m./sea level to 5,800 ft. 1,350 h.p./2,400 r.p.m./8,900 ft. to 13,000 ft. Curtiss electric constant speed propeller, three blade, 12 ft. diameter. Tank Capacities: Fuel, internal, fuselage 110 U.S. gal., wing 2x105 U.S. gal. bomb bay, jettisonable, 130 U.S. gal. External, wing 2x58 U.S. gal. Oil, 25 U.S. gal. Weights (SB2C-1C): Empty 10,114 lbs. Gross, dive bomber, full internal fuel, one 1,000 lb. bomb in bay 14,760 lbs. Gross, bomber, two external tanks, two 1,000 lb. bombs in bay 16,607 lbs. Gross, scout, max. fuel 15,419 lbs. Weights (RA-25A, SB2C-1A): Empty: 10,363 lbs. Gross, dive bomber, full internal fuel, one 1,000 lb. bomb in bay 15,076 lbs. Gross, bomber, two 500 lb. bombs on wing racks, two 1,000 lb. in bay 17,162 lbs. SB2C-1 SERIES PRO DUCT ION Model Order Date Deliveries Quantity Service Serials XSB2C-1 15/5/3918/12/40(1) Sept. ’42-Aug. ’431 U.S.N. BuNo 1748 SB2C-1 19/11/40200 U.S.N. BuNo 00001-00200(2) SB2C-1C 19/11/40 Aug. ’43-March ’44778 U.S.N. BuNo 00201-0037001008-0120818192-18598(3) XSB2C-2 March 1941(4)28/10/42(5) Dec. ’42-March ’44(1) U.S.N. (BuNo 00005) A-25A 31/12/40900 A.A.F.(6) 41-18774-41-1887342-79663-42-80462 SBW-1 23/5/42 Sept. ’43-March ’4440 U.S.N. BuNo 21192-21231 SBW-1B 23/5/42 Sept. ’43-Feb. ’4426 R.N. JW100-JW125 (Helldiver I) (BuNo 60010-60035) SBF-1 31/12/42 Oct. ’43-June ’4450 U.S.N. BuNo 31636-31685 Notes: (1) First flight date. (2) In addition to 00005 which is shown as converted to XSB2C-2, 00008 was returned to Columbus and converted to the XSBC-3 with R-2600-20 engine after accelerated service tests. (3) Some records indicate 18306 converted to XSB2C-5 this now known to be inaccurate. XSB2C-5 was an SB2C-4, 65286.(4) Date of letter of intent to provide for conversion of XSB2C-1 as landplane or seaplane type. (5) Following crash of XSB2C-1, contract ammended to provide for conversion of one SB2C-1 to XSB2C-2 convertible land plane/ seaplane. This is date of completion of float installation at NAS Anacostia. (6) From A25A programme, ten a/c out of 150 allocated were furnished to R.A.A.F. (remainder A69-11 to A69-150) and 410 delivered to U.S.N. as SB2C-1A, and modified for U.S.M.C. land service. Squadron Use Commencing March 1943 (VB-17/VB-7), the following U.S.N. squadrons wore equipped with SB2C-1’s for varying periods. VB-14, -15, and -18 relinquished their early model Helldivers in November 1944, being the last squadrons to do so. VB-1, -2,-3,-4,-6,-7,-8.-9,-11,-13,-14,-15,-17,-18,-19,-20,-80,-81,-82,-83,-85,-86,-87,-99,-100. VD-2 (Photographic Squad­ron 2) had between one and six SB2C-1’s or -1C’s from January 1944. U.S. Marines VMSB-334 and -342 were issued one machine November 1943 not retained. VMSB-132, -144,-234,-344,-454,-464,-474,-484 had from 2 1 to 30 machines (SB2C-1A’s), received between May and July 1944. The first three became VMTB squadrons and the fourth was disbanded, in the autumn of 1944. VMSB-454 became a VMTB squadron at the same period. The last three units were replace­ment training squadrons at MCAS El Toro, California. VMSB-933 had -1C aircraft from November 1944. One often A-25's actually delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force, A69-4 was U.S .A .F.A .42-79686. Shown here during test flights ,it carried .AR.A .F .fin flash and roundels on standard U.S .A .F.A .finish .(Photo: .AR.A .F. Official) Production by Canadian C a rand Foundry was to include a large batch o f H e lld ive rs for the Royal Navy. Only 26 S B IV- IB 's were actually delivered this machine, JW II7 ,was flown in trials by the Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establish­ment. (Photo: Crown Copyright via Malcolm Passingham) The Fairchild -built SB F- 1 during Board o f Inspection Trials BuN o 31640 at Patuxent Riv erin May 1944, showing typical S B 2 C - IC features and colour scheme. (Photo: U.S. Navy) PRINTED IN ENGLAND ©Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England by George Falkner &Sons Ltd., for McCorquodale City Printing Division, London. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for.
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