MTE Journal, Vol 1 No 4, September 1941 - Medical Training Establishment

T he E d ito r accepts no responsibility fo r any statem ents or opinions expressed in articles published in these pages. Editor : T h e C o m m a n d m a n t , M.T.E. and D. Assistant E ditor: Corporal R . H . S m it h . Treasurer : Squadron Leader J . E . F u r n e s s . Com mittee: Flight Sergeant J . R y a n , Sergeant G . A . M c G l y n n , Corporals R . J e n n i n g s , J . H. S t o k e s , J . S c h o f i e l d and W. B a y l e y . C O M M U N IC A T IO N S can be addressed to :— Assistant Editor, “ M.T.E. Journal” Office, HEAD QUARTERS, M.T.E. & D., R.A.F., G R A N D HOTEL, HARROGATE. S U B S C R IB ER S H I PS 3 months ... Is. 6d. 6 months ... 3s. I year ... 5s. 6d. payable in advance. Annual Subscriptions are only payable in one amount. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to “ M.T.E. Journal” . IM P O R T A N T Despite local arrangements whereby Senior Medical Officers, N.C.O .’s, etc., act as local distributors, it is imperative that every individual subscriber informs the Journal Office by written intimation of any change in address, stating clearly the late address and the new address to which copies should be sent, They should also inform the distributor in question so as not to complicate his voluntary work. Officer and N.C.O. distributors are re­ quested to maintain an up-to-date list of their subscribers. C O N T R IB U T IO N S Copy submitted to the “ M.T.E. Journal” should be written clearly, and care must be taken to see that it will be readily under­ stood (typewritten for preference). Copy for inclusion should be sent within a fortnight (at the latest) of receiving your journal. ___ In all cases number, rank, and name (with initials) and place of origin must be stated. Medical articles may only be submitted by qualified ranks who should append qualifica­ tions in addition for publication. All copy will be submitted to the com­ petent authority for censorship. Feature articles should not exceed 1,000 words in length. Short stories should not exceed 500 words. Poems should be of a modernistic character, short, not exceeding 20 to 30 lines unless for exceptional reasons of composition. Cartoons and sketches should, when­ ever possible, be line drawings, although wash drawings will be accepted in certain circumstances. Photographs of the glossy type are preferred. EDITORIAL I N our first issue we set out to forge another link between all units of the Medical Services, Royal Air Force, additional to the common ties which already exist in service to the State and service in our branch. This, our fourth issue, will circulate to over 4,000 readers and there is scarcely a unit, however small, which will be missed in our distribution. This great response to the first three numbers gives us reason for con­ fidence. We should, however, be remiss were we not to tender at this stage our best thanks to those who have made this possible—our con­ tributors and our regular subscribers. Our technical contributors, in order to secure a wide understanding, have had to reduce to simpler expression words and phrases which normally come easier to them ; our general contributors have had to exercise great patience and give much time in telling their written story. We are grateful to them all. With this issue we foresee, however, another debt which we shall owe to our readers in asking them to accept a new set out in our effort to limit wasted space. The first issue was produced as we should always like to do, but at present paper is a “ sinew of war.” There is no curtailment of reading matter and we are sure of your approval. How many of us remembered that on the 13th July, 1941, the Medical Branch came of age ? Those twenty-one years and in particular the “ toddling,” or should we say, “ tottering,” ones, we are not com­ petent to review, but in our October issue we hope to give you an account of the early days of the R.A.F. Medical Services by our first R.A.F. D .M .S., Sir David Munro.— E d .
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