MTE Journal, Vol 1 No 4, September 1941 - Medical Training Establishment

M .T.E. JOURNAL SEPTEMBER 1941“ M.T.E. Journal Crossword a ' Appleby. NOTE :—Dark lines denote ends of words Clues down (continued) CLUES DOWN 1. A low disreputable person. 2. Greek for “to send in ”(associated with medical nurs­ing). 3. Land belonging to a gentle­man. 4. A liquor once supposed to have the power o f prolonging life. 5. Morning in France. 6. Censure. 7. Religion (abbrev.). 8. Period o f time. 9. Denial. 10. Conceal. 11. Boiling up or over. 19 .Egyptian symbol to the Sun God (Ancient). 2 1 .Puff up with success. 24. Fish (serpent-like). 26. Pertaining to Serum. 27. Within (Greek). Last month's solution 29. Tiles in general. 31. Nets or snares. 32. Next best to a bulls eye. 33. T o strive for superiority. 38. A branchless tropical tree. 40. Away. 44. Used before the words beginning with the sound o f a vowel. CLUES ACROSS 1.12.13- That which serves to bring to or keep in mind. Pertaining to or near the Anus. On the lee side. White. Belonging to generation. Pronoun. The first person of the verb “to be.’*Little devil. Mans name. Pertaining to the sea. The yolk o fan egg. T o habituate. A place of shelter or security. Joyful celebrations. An inequality numbers. Enemy occupied country (V —)(abbrev) An egg (Greek). T o drive forward. A compound Tincture. The thing spoken of or referred to. Nut (Latin). Used on ships. Venomous serpent. A Medical Qualification. A representation in the mind. J 3-619 o I I u 1“14 S«on /9202/223.32+ I 26'29303/313334-35 r 3631335 ul - 3 UM- 45 u6 1 " A NOVEL PRIZE The original artists sketch (9" X 7") of the cartoon seen on page 18 will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened after the closing date :October 6th. No correct solution was received for the August crossword. Large range of Urine Faeces ,Diphtheria S w a band Blood- collectin g Outfits carrie din stock R.B. Turner &Co. Ltd. 9-11 Eagle St. Holborn W .C.l Telephones: Holborn 6356-7 Telegram sand Cables“ INOCULA LONDON." Sputum Collecting Set HALF A CENTURY Macintosh and Filds Anaerobic Apparatus (Improved) ESTABLISHED IN BUSINESS FOR OVER Specialist Suppliers of PATHOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT
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