MTE Journal, Vol 1 No 4, September 1941 - Medical Training Establishment

I M.T.E. JOURNAL SAFE AND CERTAIN BIOLOGICAL THERAPY ANTIPEOL OINTMENT contains sterile vaccine filtrates (antivirus) of all the common strains of STAPH YLO ­COCCI STREPTOCOCCI B.and PYO CYAN EUS in a lanoline-zinc-ichthyol base. STOPS SEPTIC DEVELOPMENT WHILST HEALING SPECIFIC AGAINST the micro-organisms causing abscesses boils eczema dermatitis, erysipelas haemorrhoids impetigo ulcers and all inflammatory cutaneous affections, ANTIPEOL LIQUID for infections of the ear septic cavities and suppurating wounds. OPHTHALMO-ANTIPEOL contains in a semifluid base the sterile vaccine filtrates of STAPHYLOCOCCI STREPTOCOCCI B. PYO CYANEUS PNEUM OCOCCI FRAENKEL and GO N O COCCI INDICATIONS :Conjunctivitis blepharitis keratitis dacriocystitis and all inflammatory conditions and lesions of the eye. RHI NO-ANTI PEOL a nasal immunising cream contains Antipeol Liquid as well as the antivirus and autolysins of PNEUM OCOCCI PNEUMO-BACILLI ENTEROCOCCI M. CATARRHALIS B. PFEIFFER, and calmative and decongestive ingredients. INDICATIONS: Coryza rhinitis hay fever catarrh influenza colds and other naso­ pharyngeal infections. ENTEROFAGOS (ORAL) polyvalent bacteriophages specific against 132 strains of micro-organisms common to Infections of the gastro-intestinal tract kidneys and bladder. RAPIDLY EFFECTIVE RESULTS in enteritis dysentery colitis diarrhoeas B. coli infections typhoid and para-typhoid fevers and other intestinal and para- intestinal infections. Oral administration. No reactions. No shock. DETENSYL vegeto polyhormonic hypotensor ensures gentle and regular reduction of arterial tension. INDICATIONS :High blood pressure arthritis arteriosclerosis palpitation, ocular and auditory troubles of hypertension. No contra-indications. CLINICAL SAMPLES AND LITERATURE FROM:M EDICO-BIOLOGICAL LABOR A TORIES. LTD. Cargreen Road South Norwood LONDON S.E. 25
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