The Prisoner of War No 9 Vol 1 January 1943

The Prisoner of War January, 1943 W E learn from a member of Cam po 78, that their performance of "The Middle Watch "was a great success early in November. The writer adds:" I have paid dear inC iv v y Street and t lie sh0\vs haven 't been half as good. The costumes were really wonderful.” Christmas Pantos .In a recent letter fromM arlag und M ilag we "hear that the men were making plans for their Christmas pan­tomime. Another member of this camp tells us that they have many professionals' of film and stage fame,’ and boasts that their concert party is the finest in any of <he camps in Germany. S talag IX C, how­ever, announced that tlu ir pantomime was "Alice Bin lun derlan d," and was produced b they brother of the con­ductor of a well-known dance band. O flag VII puB ton "Babe sin the Wood ."The sender o f this news was booked to play the Wicked Aunt. Sports at Oflag VIIB. Oflag V IIB by all accounts is a con­siderable improvement on Oflag V IB from which the "inmates "were re­moved. One writer mentions that there is a grass soccer pitch ("good .length, but rather narrow "),two tenn is'courts and a small basket-ball pitch. The amenities also include a "limited supply of beer.” Music Mat arlag The sailors Min arlag und M ilag have received a good batch of gramophone records, including performances con­ducted b y Toscanini, of" E g mont" and the "Magic Flute ."It seems particularly ironic that British prisoners of war should enjoy masterpieces of German music conducted by an Italian who is the greatest orches­tral conductor in the .world— and a refugee from his native land. Camp’s First Birthday Members of one of the work camps attached to* Stalag X V I I I A celebrates the camp's first birthday b y a sports match with a neighbouring camp. The camps, played each other a t ping-pong and fought a ten-m atcli boxing tourna:ment. Work and Play at Chieti 'The green fig season is "nearly o v er,” writes a prisoner regretfully from Cam po 21 (Chieti). They were awfully good, lie says, and they got lots of them every dav. FUN AND GAMES A t the same camp theatrical enthu­siasts put on anew show every week and a concert on Saturday. The gramophone club, has come to a standstill as they cannot get anymore records. The camp band is now a "running show ”and has several very high-class players, including a member of the "Philharmonic." This cam pis also successfully running its own university. The Michaelmas Term opened with a list of subjects in­cluding farming and engineering, psy­chology, and languages from French to Z u lu!' English-named Teams A t works camp 110 a t the same Stalag there are about 300 men who combine forces with another camp of 500 men about 200 yards away. T w enty-eight teams competed in a A member of Stalag XVIIID with-• one of the cows he looks after. The Orphean Band —now at Stalag Luft 3— has been known to give three consecutive performances so that all their comrades could attend. The reference to a three-day tour in an earlier issue was due to a misunderstanding. series of inter-com pany foot­ball matches in which all the teams are named alter English clubs and most of the players have made them­selves jerseys of the correct designs and colours. .The Only Drawback Stalag X X A (works camp 35) has organised quite a lot of sports activities and a correspondent among the 400 men there says the Red Cross have supplied football and cricket assets well as deck tennis and table tennis. This sub-camp has an open-air boxing ring and pa"s o rts ground "big enough for 5- or 6-a-side matches. About once a fortnight there is a con­cert or dance, but the writer refers to"t h e only drawback ,”which is that "the Red Cross has not yet supplied the female element for same.” Sports Shorts S talag VIII B/E 155 have a band, radio and football field England beat Scotland by 2 goals to 1 a t P.G .59 P.M .3300, avenging their recent 4-0 defeat Stalag VII A 2780A have a swimming pool. Stalag X X A (3A) football team played nearly one hundred games outwith­ defeat. ATom my's favourite oppo­nent a t chess a t Stalag 1V A is a Serb. M arlag und M ilag announces the arrival of many footballs. Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, wvrestling and boxing are favourite sports atS talag VII A. }£XA to Produce “Pygmalion” A member of S talag X X Ano(n )has written to the Red Cross offering the services of their Repertory Concert Party and band "for the benefit of your goods e lv e s"on their return to this country. He mentions that their recent produc­tions include "Journey 'sEnd ,”"The Amazing Dr. C litterhouse,” and various musical comedies." gyP m a lion ”is to be their next venture. Liebenau’s Cabaret Show One of the internees a t Liebenau, who was a theatrical artist on the Continent for some years, has written to say that to show her gratitude for the Red Cross parcels she produced a cabaret show and parade in which the costumes were made from '"all the things con the parcels."
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