The Prisoner of War No 9 Vol 1 January 1943

The Prisoner of War January, 1943 came from AMiss .Moore, the sister o f a prison er, from a village near Birching ton ,and she said:“ I wish it could b e more., abut sIam a domestic se rv a n tit was possible to spend m y h lido a yin a hop garden ,with the en­closed result, which I hope will help, though in avery small way ,with those food parcels which m y brother tells m e make life worth living ."Readers’ Tributes Among the hun d reds o f letters sent to us every month there are few which do not contain either some words o f gratitude for “th e splendid mann erin which the Red Cross are looking after our interests ’’(that is from a P.O Sta lag V I I I -B,'E /27 )-or some tribute to “the most ch eerin g,in te rest­ing and heartening little magazine I’v e seen for along time ’’(as Miss Molly Bro sm and e ­scribes it). I should like to quote from many of them ,but I can only find space n o wand again to refer to one o r two." I find omit stu sefu lin m y speeches sand e r mons ,"writes a clergyman in South Wale s,“and especially now when I a m trying to organise function sin three parishes where I am aFr Ind."‘‘ie look forward eagerly to each issue ,"writes Mrs. Alice Martin ,“and I bless the u n d ersta n ding heart of the person or persons who first con­ceived the idea o f such a jo urn al." Good News from XVIII-A The West Acton mother o f a'sap p erin Sta lag XVIII- A writes m e that, having heard so much gossip about whether the prisoners' really did re­ceive their food parcels, she wrote and asked her son a b o u tit. His reply was“ I thought I told you month sago that w e g e taRed Cross food parcel every week— w e ,have never missed since last year ."He adds th a the looks quite smart again ,having been issued with new boo newts, o v erco at, battle dress, shirt, v e stand pants. That makes good hearing. To Empire Readers M y mailbag includes a letter from a lady a t Christchurch ,New Z e alan d ,saying that The Prisoner of War, o f which she had been lent the July copy b y a prisoner’s wife, had enabled her to give a lot o f information to next of akin t a meeting. And another from a reader in Southern Rhodesia who sends 011 her copy to her husband se rv ­in gin the Middle East. These letters remind m e that I ought to warn all readers in theE m p ire that the regula­tions about parcels, letters, etc .,q u o ted in the journal are meant for next of kin in the Mother C o u n try .They do not neces­sarily apply to the forest theE m p ire. A SERVICE FOR PRISONERS OF WAR—at St. Margaret's J l RES VICE of Intercession for the Prisoners of War under the auspices of- the Red Cross St.and John War organisa­ tion, will beheld Margaret's, West­minster, on Sunday 17th January, 1943 sat 9.30 a.m. *The Preacher will bethe Rig In Rev. the Lord Bishop of Southampton. Tzvo tickets will be sent to each of the first 300 Next of Kin zvho apply asunder :—Red Cross St.and John Service, 43j Belgrave Sq., London, .IFS .i The Service zuill be broadcast so that it can be heard in every home. Don't fail to tune in on the Home Service on Sunday, January 17 that 9.3d a.m. Bed and ABoard n officer in an Italian prison camp, which appears to contain experts on a wide variety of subjects, writes home th a the is studying Maths, Econ o mics, Civil Engineering and the Theory o f Music, as w'ell as getting on with his architectural drawing. H e adds th a the has contrived a drawing outboard o f his bed and has got some paper locally .Helped Her Recovery A young wife in Leeds who h ada’ very serious operation writes meade­ lighted letter because The Prisoner of War apparently haste ned her re­c o very .She says :“Somehow' I did not care what happened to me,an done day m y mother brought m e a copy and told m toe read it, •and m y hubby ’scamp w a sin .You cai? imagine m y relief when I saw it was all right ."Now she is out o f hos­ pita l,and ,’as soon a shes is strong enough, she is going to the P.O.W. C lu bin Lee d sin the hope o f finding someone who has a prison erin her hubby ’scamp .He wr as taken in Nor­ way h,and e is a Stat lag XX- B 422, driving horses on a farm .Camp Magazine I hear that Sta lag HID runs a Camp Mag azin e, and the gunner editor, whom I salute ,has written glee fully to inform his mother that the number of pages has been increased from eight to twelve .The contents comp rise: Two stories, verse ,cartoons, comic articles and a series o f “Beauty Spots o f England ."The circulation is 2,500, and the editor is saving copies to bring home. Better and Brighter Menus One food p a rce lin every four sent to German camp snow contain satin o f dried- eggs, equiv a lent to six shell eggs. This welcome addition to the menu will not take the menu n a wares because they wT ere recently sent cookery books which in tlu d e d four suitable egg recipes. And the are’s bit of special good news for the Jocks. All Scottish pack­ing cen tres are now packing oatmeal. They ’ll heb a ’e gin haggis next !Cake ala Stalag ’This recipe comes from over there: Take some large biscuits, raisins, cocoa and milk .Bash down the biscuits to a pow d adder, raisins, mix with water and bake .Mix coco a to a paste and spread on w’hen cooked .Deco rate with mixed milk pow d Younger. Wives’ Tales I have had a charming letter from two young wives .Their husband s,R ego rand Wilfred met Stain lag X X Band sometime ago, W ilf sent Mrs. R ego r's address to his wife. They cor­ responded, met, and even tu ally became good friend s,and w'hen they wrote tome Mrs. W ilf was on a visit to Mrs. Roger. They say they both hope that when their husbands come home the friendship will continue between the four o f them. T heEd i tor.
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