The Prisoner of War No 9 Vol 1 January 1943

16 The Prisoner o f War 'January, 1943 Questions ?Exercise Books Allowed Can I send a notebook to i»y husband who is a prisoner of war in Ger­many? Exercise books maybe bought and sent for despatch to the Indoor Recrea­tions Section. St. Jam es's Palace,S .W .i. Campo 65 Where is Campo 65, Settore 3, P.M .3.150 in Italy ?This cam pis a t G ravina ^ lla rmira. in Lucalia. The Prisoner of War tor August contained a report 011 this camp. Medicines and Drugs Banned Can I send my husband aif-irin in his next-of-kin parcel? No. If you will lefer to the instruc­tions which aie sent out every quarter with the labels, you will e that no medicine or drugs maybe sent in these parcels. Your husband should apply to the camp doctor or the British camp cap­tain for anything of this sort. that he may requite, Camp Barbers Do the Germans cut our nun’s hair or arc they allowed to cut each ether’ hair?s P.O.W .camp barbers are allowed to do this and the Red Cross have sent them such thing's as hair clippers, scissors, razors, combs^ n- .^.-brushes, and even barbers’ sheets. -Spares for Musicians How does a prisoner violinist get anew string? Sometimes he is allowed io get one locally, but many violin hirings and other spare parts (such as reeds for wind instruments) are sent to the camps by the Indoor Recreations Section of the Prisoners of War Department. Photos for Far East Are you- allowed to send photographs in letters to Singapore? N o seethe instructions for sending letters to the Far East, obtainable from the Post OJTice. They were also given in the October issue of this journal. Continuing His Trade My son was a body-builder ipprentice for two years and I am anxious that hi» time in captivity will not jeopardise his trade on his return. Is there anything he can do in his camp? The Educational Books Set. ton of the Prisoners of War Department could probably send him books on design and craftsmanship. Camp Not Yet Known My young man was taken prisoner re­cently his parents have been notified but have not been given a camp address. Can vou give mean address so that I can write to him? You sRould either ask at a main Post Office for their leaflet of instructions or apply to your local Red Cross office. Civilian Footwear Do bedroom slippers and canvas shoes count as “civilian footwear”? I have, bought both for my son ujIio is a prison e >in Italy. Bedroom slippers and plimsolls will r- accepted for despatch to prisoners in Italy, but not leather-soled canvas walking-shoes. |}vuur for prisoners “Where the Spirit o f the Lord is, there is liberty.”— 2 Corinthians 3,17. J 0 0 K, O Lord God, zcith the eyes of thy mercy upon all prisoners of war (especially* j .............)preserve them ir .bodily health and in cheer fid j undaunted spirit convey thou \to them the support of our love on the wings of thine own and hasten the day of release through Him who hath made us free eternally, thy Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. May Prisoners of War Correspond? My husband, who is a prisoner of why in Germany, has asked me for his pal’ ,address at a different camp. I have the address but wondered if prisoners are allowed to write to one another? Send the address to your husband, who can then find out in the camp whether l'c may write to his friend. Food Not Allowed Can I send a food parcel to my husband? No. Censorship regulations forbid th>: sending of food except by the Red Cross. And it is in the interest of the prisoner that the parcel should not be addressed individually for the fol^lowing reasons: —(a) **Prisoners are constantly* being moved from camp !o cam p(b) if part of a consignment of parcels is lost the re­mainder can be divided between camps (c) to ensure that new prisoners may receive parcels before their names reach London. €Ready for Eating Does the Red Cross send many un­cooked dishes to prisoners of war? No. Some commodities such as tins of cooked meat are improved by being warmed up. The bacon sent can be eaten either hot or cold. Wants His Badge My husband has written asking if I would send hint his regimental badge (i%.E.). Is this permissible? Yes. This can be sent in his next-of- kin parcel. Sets of Stripes .)Iay I send my husband two sets of three stripes? Yes. These may go in his next-of-kin parcel. Courses for Italy I am informed that courses on banking for prisoners of war are not allowed by tlij Italian Government. Have anv moves yet been made to get this ban lifted? Every effort is being made to obtain permission for study courses (o be sent to prisoners of war in Italy in the same way as to those in Germany, but so far they have not been successful. No Pow’der or Flakes Can you please tell me wjiat the maxi­ mum 11 oz. of soap per parcel means? Can I send 1102. actual soap plus a packet of soap powders? No. Soap powder and soap flakes may not be sent to prisoners of war. Campo P.G .51 Can you tell me where Campo P.G .51 is? This cam pis a t a place called Am enti. Oflag m e Where is Oflag I I1C? My husband has recently been transferred there. This cam pis a t Hohenfels, in Bavaria. FREE T O NEXT -OF IN-K THIS journal is sent free o f charge to those registered with the Prisoners of War Dept, as next-of-kin. It is hoped that they will share their copy with others interested. I’t i n'ed .11 G i c a .Britain tor the I'u ers, Inn R f.d C r o s sandS t .John War Organ i sat ion ,14 orG s v o nor C r e scent .Lon don,S .W. i .,by The Corn w a i x I’rks sI.T D .,Paris Garden, Stamford Street, London, S.E .l
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