The Prisoner of War No 9 Vol 1 January 1943

TH+ E RED .OFFICIAL JOURNAL CROSS ST.AND JOHN OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES'S DEPARTMENT OF PALACE, LONDON. THE S.W.I Vol .No .Free toN ext-of-K in January, 1943 allOT our readers— New Year Greetings. I t is a year that opens with justifiable hopes that the down fall o f H itlerism and the lib e ora­tion f Europe will be hastened b y events th a tare now in train .General Smuts has said th a ton the happen­ings of the next few weeks— in Russia and North Afr ic a —may depend the question whether victory is gained in 1943 or 1944. S o the New Year may prove indeed a happy one. The Food Ships When the Germans occupied Vichy France and the Mediterranean ports there was a temporary interruption of shipping* in the £.Iediterranean, and the Red Cross ships from L isb onto Marseilles were held u p .Sailing s,how ever, were resumed after a short in te rv a l,and between Nov ember 20th and December 10 sixth ships left Lisbon for Marseilles, and a seventh ,which had putin a t B arce lo na, completed her v o y age .News has reached the Prisoners of War Department from Geneva o f the subsequent arrival thereof two cargoes, or about 440,000 parcels. That Pilfering Story Some people a t home have been writing to their men in the camps about the pilfering of food parcels and a lleg wed“ h olesale theft s”in Geneva .Their stories cast a quite u n ­justified reflectio non the In­ternational Red Cross Com­mittee, whose magnificent organ isation is the pivot o f the whole gigantic parcels service to the prison camps. Let m e give y.ou the real facts about the pilfering. A Slur 011 Geneva In August a number of arrests were made in Geneva for thefts o f parcels. Some rather sensational reports were published in the Press, but when the case was heard it turned out that the number o f parcels stolen was less than 100, a quite insignificant total when it is remembered that the stock sat Gene v a are often in the neigh b our­ hood o f a million .So pleased on’t quote reports o f this kind until you have made quite sure from official sources what the facts are. I f you do, you not only unnecessarily alarm your prisoners, but you cast a slur on the system a t Geneva to which they owe so much. A Special Prayer Suggestion shave reached m e from time to time that a daily prayer for “Thanks for the buggy ride.” A happy sn a) from Stalag IV-C. prisoners would be much app recia ted b y their re la tiv Thees. other day I asked the Dean o f York ((D r.M ilner- White )if he would compose a prayer specially form y readers, and within a few days I received the .beautiful little prayer that is printed on page 16. I twill be included in the Order of S er­ vic eatS t.M a rg are t’s, o f which par­ tic u lars are given 011 the next page. Two Brothers from Brum T h isis the story of two brothers. One was captured a t Dun kirk ,the tho erin Crete, and both were sent to Sta lag VIII- B .But for over a year they corresponded without ever m e t­ing,e bein gab sen tall the time 011 dif­ferent working parties. Then it hap­pened someone had the idea o f form­ing a Birmingham C lu bin the camp.“ A n y chaps from Birmingham here?” Someone replied, giving his name and address. “You d on’t happen to knowS ergt. Bill S------?”“He ’sm y big brother .”"Well, h ’sine the cam pat ^th ism omen Wt.” ilh in a few minutes the two brothers met for the •first time for nearly four years. a“Like Crowd of Kiddies" “Just imagine a crowd of kiddies getting upon Christmas morning to see what’s in their stock in gs, and that 'snot‘ a patch on what w e feel like when w e get them —every body is so eager to see what’s in­side .”That is how a lance- corporal in Camp o P.G .65 de­scribes the reception given to Red Cross parcels in his camp .Red Cross Day is a red letter d a yin every camp .Earned by Hop Picking I have just been shown a de­lightful letter with which was enclosed £6 7s. 6d. for the Prisoners o f War Fund .It
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