Regimental Records

Publisher's Announcement. British Regiments in War and Peace. I. THE RIFLE BRIGADE .By Walter Wood .Crown 8vo. clutli 3-r . 6a'. II. THE NORTH UMBER LAND FUSILIERS .By Walter .Wood. Crown 8vo. .cloth 3 6d. The Campaign of 1815. By O.W Con norM orr is. With Maps. Dem y Svo. cloth I2.(. 6d. net. The Sword and the Centuries or Old Sword Days and Old Sword ByWays. Captain Hut ton .SF .A .Illustrated. Dem y 8vo. cloth. Modern Weapons and Modern War. B y I.S. Bloch .With an Introduction b y W.T .Stead .Illustrated. Crown Svo. cloth 6s. (Second Edition.) The Story of Baden= PoweII. By raH old Beg b ie .Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth 3.9. 6d. (Third Edition.) -Sir George White V.C. By Tho mas F C.G. oates .Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth 3x. .6d. Queen or President? An Indictment of Paul Kruger. B y S. M.G luck stein .With Portrait. Crown 8vo. cloth is. 6d. Majuba: The Story of the Boer-War of 1881. B y H amish Hen dry .Illustrated. Crown Svo. cloth 2s. The New Battle of Dorking. B y .Crown 8vo., paper covers is. cloth Is. 6 d. (Second Edition.) Lon don :GRANT RICHARDS 9 Hen tier t a Street W .C.
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