Deeds That Thrill The Empire, Volume II

Black and W hite Illustrations. PAGE Acting-Corporal Williams cutting the enemy’s wire entanglements at Wyts- chaete ...... 200 A plan illustrating the daring exploits of Acting-Corporal Williams on December 12th, 1914 . . . 201 Lance-Sergeant Thorns and a comrade rushing the enemy in a trench which had been captured from the British . . . . .202 Captain Butler and thirteen native soldiers attacking one hundred of the enemy in the bush of the Cam- eroons ...... 203 Captain Butler landing after swimming across the Ekam river under fire . 204 Second-Lieutenant Stanford observing the effect of British artillery from a house which was under fire . . 205 Second-Lieutenant Stanford and a gun­ ner repairing a field-telephone under heavy fire ..... 206 Surgeon Vroj-Lal Umed Earn Pandit seizing a treacherous Arab who had shot a wounded Sepoy . . . 207 Lance-Dufadar Arjan Singh placing the body of a dead comrade on his saddle with the help of two other Lancers while under fire .... 208 Lance-Dufadar Arjan Singh galloping back with the body of the dead Lancer ...... 209 Rifleman Gobar Singh Negi leading an attacking party round a traverse of the enemy’s trenches . . . 210 H.M.S. Birmingham, commanded by Captain Arthur Duff, hitting the con- ning-tower of the German submarine U 1 5 ................................................. 211 British troops under orders of Major Borrett, retaking a trench at Zille­ beke captured from them by the enemy ...... 212 British troops under Major Borrett attacking a German barricade when fighting up to their waists in water ...... 213 The duel between Major Borrett and the German officer in the trenches at Zillebeke . . . . .214 Captain Jotham is shot dead in attempt­ ing to rescue one of his men . . 215 Lieutenant Swain Lewis flying over the German lines to direct artillery fire . 216 Second-Lieutenant Thomas Wallace leading a party to clear the Turks from a trench where they were making a sap . . . .217 Private L. Barton attempting to rescue wounded men while under heavy fire 218 The British armed sloops Clio and Espiegle steaming along the Shatt- el-Arab . . . . .219 Lieutenant-Commander Cookson steer­ ing the Shushan down a tributary of the Euphrates under heavy fire . 220 The Comet shelling the Turkish camp . 221 The Comet leading a night attack on the Turkish river barricade . . 222 Lieutenant-Commander Cookson cut­ ting the hawsers of dhows placed across the Tigris as an obstruction . 223 Lieutenant Withington bringing a field- gun into action in the British trenches against the enemy’s sap . . 224 Sergeant Fisher running across the open from his trench to rally his men . 225 Sergeant William Fisher and Corporal Keep bombing Germans from the front of their fire-trench . . . 226 Lieutenant Morland making prisoners of eighteen Germans in a mine at Givenchy ..... 227 The gallant exploit of 3 S T aik Slier Singh in the course of which he is wounded ..... 2 2 8 Naik Slier Singh and Iiavildar Tega Singh place the gun-cotton in position 229 The explosion of the charge placed by Naik Sher Singh and Havildar Tega S in g h .................................................230 “ A ” Company of the 9th Argylls ad­ vancing under heavy fire to reinforce the 2nd Camerons during the Second Battle of Ypres .... 231 The 9th Argylls in the trenches of the 2nd Camerons .... 232 Sapper Welsby preparing to explode a German mine gallery at Cuinchy . 233, Private Merry and a party of men attacking German sappers thirty yards in front of the British lines . 234. Corporal Potter and his patrol defeating the attempt of a squadron of Ger­ man cavalry to surround them . 235 Corporal Potter and his men holding at bay an overwhelming force of German cavalry .... 236 Captain llomilly and Private Page carrying a wounded officer to the trenches under very heavy fire . 237 Trumpeter Waldron bringing a horse to the firing-stations at Le Cateau under heavy shell-fire .... 238 Private Collins standing on a trench parapet to rally men of the Leinsters- 239 Private Newcombe attending to a wounded officer before the German trenches at Richebourg l’Avoue . 240 Private Rivers bombing single-handed a large detachment of the enemy at Neuve Chapelle and compelling them to retire ..... 241 Captain Davies encounters two Ger­ man sentries while on an evening reconnaissance .... 242 Captain Davies leaping across a ditch on his way to assist the wounded in a neighbouring trench . . . 243 An aerial duel between a British biplane and a large German biplane . . 244 Subadar Jafar Ali conducting a small party up a precipitous hillside in an attempt to dislodge the enemy . 245 Lance-Naik Haidar Beg signalling under heavy rifle-fire at Mazera . 246 Acting-Lance-Corporal Barker assisting a party, collected by him, to open out a communication-trench under heavy shell and machine-gun fire . . 247 Captain Willis heading a charge by a landing party through wire entangle­ ments and under heavy fire near Cape Helles ..... 248 Corporal Gibbons making bombs in a dug-out of the fire trenches . . 249 Private Anderson and several comrades driving the enemy with bombs from a trench which they had entered at Loos ...... 250 Naik Subadar Ali and Sepoy Slier Khan advancing along the west bank of the Suez Canal, ahead of their comrades, to attack the Turks . . . 251 Sergeant Kirkcaldy bringing up fresh horses, under a terrific shell-fire to save a transport wagon at Veld- hoek ...... 252 Private Metcalfe taking the papers from the body of a dead German officer at Cuinchy while under fire . . . 253 Private Cowling covering a retirement by engaging single-handed a number of the enemy ..... 254 Gunner Pond and three comrades rescu­ ing horses from a lane swept by shell­ fire ...... 255 Gunner Pond and his fellow-artillery- men wheeling guns to cover under neavy fire ..... 256 Sepoy Nand Ram protecting a badly- wounded comrade .... 2 5 7 Private Langford standing on the para­ pet of a trench in full view of a party of German bombers to bomb them single-handed .... Corporal Bassett laying a telephone line at Cliunuk Bair under heavy and continuous fire .... The Rev. P. W. Guinness, Chaplain to the T'orces, riding with a message under heavy fire to the headquarters of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade The German armed liner Kaiser Wil­ helm der Grosse coaling in sight of the British cruiser Highflyer . The Highflyer steams in to get well within range of the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse ..... A boat setting out from the Highflyer with surgical and medical aid for the enemy’s wounded .... The Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, with water pouring in amidships, heels over to port ..... A shell wrecks the machine-gun which Lieutenant Dimmer was working during an attack by the Prussian Guard ...... The British advancing to attack the enemy’s position south of Ilooge Lance-Corporal Joynson heading an attack and driving the enemy back with bombs ..... Subadar Sabal Singh and Lance-Naik Net Singh climbing a wall at the head of their comrades to storm a Turkish stronghold at Sahil Private Gudgeon carrying a message . A plan showing Private Gudgeon’s track from Brigade Headquarters to the firing-line at Ypres. Private Wilson working the telephone in an abandoned trench under heavy fire ...... Lieutenant Campbell working a ma­ chine-gun in front of the German first-line trenches .... Privates Cowstick and Singer bombing the enemy down their trench at Festu- bert ...... Acting-Corporal Adamson returning with his team of horses under heavy fire at Loos ..... Subadar Dunga Ilawat bringing up troops to the river bank at Kurna, under very heavy fire Driver Brown returning with wounded on horseback from the firing line Naik Mill an Singh shooting from an advanced position one of the enemy who had fired at and wounded men of his company .... Corporal - of -Horse Attenborough stations himself in a shell-hole at Ypres, at a point exposed to heavy shell-fire . . . . Havildar Gliulam Nabi, Lance-Naik Nur Dad and Sapper Ghulam Haidar swimming the Tigris to prepare a flying bridge ..... Sergeant Bull and his comrades of the East Surrey Regiment holding their trench at Stanbroek Molen, under a terrific fire ..... Acting-Sergeant Burgess rushing into a German trench, after being wounded in the head, and bayoneting the enemy ..... Sergeant Birley, while carrying dis­ patches, blown off his motor-cycle by a shell ..... Private Skinner and a comrade crawl­ ing from their trench at Chunuk Bair to extinguish a strange light . Private Skinner crawls into a gully to look for reinforcements, but finds the place filled with dead and dying men p a g e 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284
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