Warships and Aircraft of Japan

FOREWORD Of the three «main Axis Powers Japan possesses by far the greatest naval strength. Hers is the worlds third largest navy, surpassed only by those of Britain and the United States of America. But her complete naval resources are not definitely known to other Powers in fact they are much of a secret as for several years past her building programme has been closely guarded from the outside world. In accordance with the terms' of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 to which Japan was a party and from which she seceded in 1935 battleships were to be limited to a standard displacement of 35000 tons. It is however certain that Japan has greatly exceeded this displacement in some of the more recent capital ships she has laid down at least two of which are now in commission. Still less is known for certain of Japans aircraft resources, but it can- be safely assumed that in this respect she does not compare either in numbers or quality with her Axis partner, Germany. Nevertheless her air forcq is presumably powerful enough for immediate requirements even though her reserves maybe inadequate for waging an extended full-scale war. Since Japan's entry into the war interest in her naval and air strength has greatly increased and there has been an insistent desire for special information regarding it. This desire is now met by the publication of Warships and Aircraft o f Japan which contains a representative collection of photo­graphs of the various classes and types of ships and aircraft, together with a detailed description of each as far as particulars are available. In naval actions in the Pacific Ocean Japan has suffered known losses but as official information of the ships destroyed has not been disclosed it is possible that some of those illustrated in this book may have been sunk.
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