History of 192 (HAA) Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery - 69th HAA Regiment Royal Artillery 1936 - 1944

FINALLY After enjoying 28 days leave with 2 extra for Victory over Japan I returned to the Essex Regiment at Colchester. Moving thousands of duck:boards from thereto here and then back: again whitewashing anything that stood still for 2 minutes potato peeling and fire pickets I was glad to be moved to Epping Forest on farming duties. This consisted of picking potatoes (4 old pence for each bag) and peas (I shilling for each bag). Tiring work. but the land girls made it all worthwhile and we had some money to buy drinks for them. It was hard work. but the rewards made it so enjoyable. But it had to end. On 10 October 1945 I was placed on draft to Germany and so I missed yet another Christmas at home -193919401941194219431944 and 1945. So down to Dover and across the Channel and then by train to Osnabrook: where whilst having a meal my kit was stolen. So I arrived at Bleckede on the Elbe and not far from Luneberg where Monty got the Germans to admit defeat. Patrolling the banks of the Elbe in a Bren Carrier was quite OK -we had quite a lot of drill trooping the colour etc for the benefit of our defeated (now Allies). I was posted to 43rd Divisional College at Bomlitz on Motor Engineering for 8 weeks -which was like going back to college. No drills no fatigues. Utter bliss. From thereto Munster Lager which was a bit more like BullS- every day with kit inspections parades guards and pickets etc etc. F"mally I got my Papers for Demob and again travelled to Bologne and over the Channel to Dover. Finally getting demobbed at Ashton-under-Lyme on 6 June 1946. Group 28 -and soto 'Civvy Life'. -40-
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