History of 192 (HAA) Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery - 69th HAA Regiment Royal Artillery 1936 - 1944

With the Lieutenant in the cab beside me and 20 gunners in the back on bedding rolls we offset on the tarmaced road to Gambut and then southwards into the desert over fairly soft sand. Eventually we found a collection of intents a featureless waste this was the RHQ and who should greet us but the hated Regimental Sergeant Major Bloor of the RCLCL draft who had acted alike martinet aboard ship from Glasgow to Port Suez. We stayed only long enough to receive instructions and then back-tracked to the Gambut road and on down the Halfaya Pass and on past the town of Mersah Matruh. We arrived at abase camp at nightfall much to the relief of the Lieutenant who had been concerned about having enough water on the radiator of the truck about patrols and not breaking down. But he did light cigarettes for me and kept up an interesting conversation. The war was not going very welland it was all very depressing. In the morning I was given the option of staying with the unit with the truck but when I said I would prefer to get back to 192 no-one advised me against it. So I offset travelling West against the Inflow. fact I was not alone as a truck from Left Troop had also been ferrying gunners back to their base and the driver decided to follow me back to Tobruk. As we pressed on through the morning the traffic going East grew denser and I was getting despondent that the worst was happening but as we came to the Sollum Halfaya road junction I spotted a Matador truck turning off the road into the desert. It held the 69th HAA Regimental shield and 192 Right Troop numbering. By chance we had lighted on our unit just arrived from Tobruk. They had got out of the fort during the night only hours before the Germans had cut the road. Transport was dispersed over a wide area we parked our trucks and waited for orders. As far as I remember the guns were left on their pincers or set down temporarily without protection and the predictor height finder and generators left 011 lorries. We stayed at Sollum for 2 or 3 days and found some relief from the heat in bathing from those beautiful beaches of white sand and cobalt sea. The waves were phosphorescent with minute -19-shells.
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