History of 192 (HAA) Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery - 69th HAA Regiment Royal Artillery 1936 - 1944

The siege of Tobruk was a longtime ago but as they say "once seen never forgotten". Our life in the Ack-Ack was a lot better than that of lots of others but like everyone else, we had to put up with the conditions forced upon us with the results that when someone says "Tobruk" the mind immediately recalls flies fleas scorpions sand dust bully beef "goldfish" M and V and Army biscuits turned into porridge and all recurring with monotonous regularity. Tobruk was raided by air attacks each and everyday and night during the 242 days of the siege. The bigger raids comprised over 100 planes at a sometime being high level bombers and some the awesome dive-bombing Stukas. Apart from the harbour the water distillery and the field gunners the anti-aircraft gunners themselves were often the target. In this siege period 3525 aircraft were engaged by AA fire over Tobruk. Forty AA gunners were killed and 128 wounded. Lieutenant Roy Macartney of the Military History and Information Section in the Middle East reported that during the siege our Battery shot down 23 enemy planes 14 more were probably destroyed 60 were badly damaged and 100 others were hit. We outdid bit. Ted Proctor Left Troop 192 HAA. -16-
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