History of 192 (HAA) Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery - 69th HAA Regiment Royal Artillery 1936 - 1944

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CHAPTERl In the Beginning The Regiment was raised as "B" Battalion of the lst Volunteer Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 1 May 1891. On formation of the Territorial Force in 1908 it was designated as 6th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment and continued to share headquarters at Thorp Street and a common promotion list with its parent unit which became the 5th Battalion of the Regiment. On mobilisation in 1914 the link was severed and the army list showed the Battalion for the first time as a self-contained and independent unit. The Battalion was commanded by Colonel C E Martineau CMG TO VD DL then Lord Mayor of Birmingham who resigned office at the outbreak of war and took the unit to France in 1915 where it made an imperishable name for itself in the Battle of the Somme on 1 July 1916. Of some 550 going into action barely 50 marched out under Captain Mellor MC having taken every objective allotted to them. After the war the Battalion was reformed by Colonel F G Danielson DSO and remained at Thorp Street with 5th Battalion until 10 December 1936 when it was converted to its role and title of Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery. In recognition of its fine record permission of the Army Council was granted to the unit to carry its colours on ceremonial parades and to wear the Antelope Badge of the RWR and the Regimental Red Patch of the 6th Battalion. The colours were presented to the Battalion by 11M King Edward vn at Windsor in July 1909 -the regimental march was ·Warwickshire Lads" which was followed by the march of Royal Artillery "British Grenadiers" .On 10 December 1936 some 330 members were accepted for conversion and formed the basis of 190th and 191st Anti-Aircraft Batteries Royal Artillery at PerM bank House, Birmingham and 192nd and 199th Batteries at Rockingham Edgbaston Park Road and later at Brandwood House Kings Heath Birmingham. -I-I~
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