The Roll of Honour, Volume I, De Ruvigny

PREFACE. The purpose of the Roll of Honour is to place on permanent record the name of every officer non-commissioned officer and man of His M ajestys Forces landon or sea who is killed inaction who dies of wounds or whose death is otherwise resulting from the present war. The work is to be issued in a series of volumes and the arrangement is alphabetical. The name rank and regiment of everyone whose name appears in tine official casualty lists are included, and where details have been obtainable the parentage place and date of birth schools a biographical sketch of career and date and place of death with extracts from letters of Commanding Officers or comrades relating to the inaction which the officer manor fell or to the particular circumstances of his death. The names of children have been included so that in the years to come they may themselves read or teach their children to read of the glorious way in which their fathers died and of those individual acts of bravery that are the chief redeeming features of war. The present volume contains some 8000 names and deals with casualties during the first year of the war, though certain exceptions have been made in order that relatives though killed at different periods maybe included together. In every case it has been found possible to give the full name and to state the actual date and the locality of death and these details must add very greatly to the value of the record as they are not to be found in the Official Casualty Lists. A large number of portraits of officers and men will be found included. With some 300000 casualties it was obviously clearly impossible that one should be given in every case but when a portrait is supplied the publishers do their best to include it. The three following volumes which arc at present in course of completion or preparation will it is hoped be issued this year. These are the second and third volumes for 1914-15 and the first volume for 1916 .It is earnestly hoped that relatives of those deceased in the service will by furnishing particulars co-operate in carrying out what is even with the official facilities which are being given an exceedingly difficult task. The Editor and Publishers wish it to be distinctly understood that the insertion of any name is in noway dependent upon the payment of any fee or of subscription to the book and that no fee will be accepted for the insertion of any name. The complete text of the official despatches will be given in the final volume and in this will also be included a regimental index in which will appear under each regiment a roll of the officers and men who have been killed, or died on active service throughout the war with a reference to the volume in which the biography appears. 14-15 Han over Chambers cuB king ham Street A del phi W.C. December 1916.
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