Memorial Register Iran 1, WW2, Tehran War Cemetery

across the river Karun the 18th Brigade and a troop carrying motor transport company completed the crossing on the afternoon of 27th August advancing beyond Dorquain pumping station to a point halfway to Ahwaz. The 25th Indian Infantry Brigade with the 13th Lancers under command moving simultaneously from Tanumah captured Qasr Shaikh by mid-day thereby protecting the northern flank of 18th Indian Infantry Brigade. After preliminary reconnaissances the 25th Brigade moved forward on 27th August along the west bank of the Karun to within 25 miles of Ahwaz. In the early hours of 28th August the 18th and 25th Brigade Groups began a concurrent advance on Ahwaz. Some resistance was encountered but the Shah ordered “ceasefire” as our troops were approaching Ahwaz, and the Iranian troops returned to barracks in Ahwaz the same day. From Khanaqin on 25th August a force consisting of the 2nd Indian Armoured Brigade Group (less two regiments) the 9th Armoured Brigade (all in trucks no armour) the 1st Battalion 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles and the 2nd Battalion 7th Gurkha Rifles began the simultaneous seizure of Naft-i-Shah and Qasr-i-Shirin preparatory to an advance on Gilan. The Naft-i-Shah oilfields was secured against slight opposition in the early hours Qasr-i- Shirin was cutoff from the north-west north and east by 0445 hours by the 14/20th Hussars after a difficult night march and was captured later during the morning by a column moving from the south which continued the advance and reached Sari Pul Zuhab five miles west of the Pai Tak byPass 1530 hours on the same day. Another column which had left Khanaqin direct for Gilan was held upon the eastern outskirts by rifle machine gun and anti-tank fire until mid-day on 26th when the Iranian troops were forced to withdraw. The advance from Gilan towards Shahabad continued and it was occupied by 0700 hours on 27th August. In the meantime the Pai Tak Pass position reported to be strongly held was bombed by the R.A.F. on the evening of 26th August. The 21st Indian Infantry Brigade (less one battalion) moving from Khanaqin joined the column already at Sari Pul Zuhab during the night of 25th-26th August and reconnoitred the approaches to the Pass. The Iranian troops abandoned the Pass that same night and the 21st Brigade advanced without opposition reaching Karind on 27th August where they met patrols sent from Shahabad. After Shahabad Kermanshah was the next objective and an attack was to have been launched on 28th August at 1000 hours but just before that hour a truce was arranged. Kermanshah refinery area was occupied by a detachment on 29th August and on 30th August the remainder of the 2nd and 9th Armoured Brigades reached Kermanshah. Soviet troops entered Iran from the north at dawn on 25th August occupied Tabriz and advanced along the southwestern shore of the Caspian Sea. They approached Kermanshah from the direction of Senna and Hamaden from Kazvin and were met at Senna on 29th August and just south of Kazvin on 31st August by detachments sent to make contact.
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