Memorial Register France 403-406, WW1, Cambrai, Drummond, Raillencourt Cemeteries

CAMBRAI EAST MILITARY CEMETERY CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER Fr. 403. CAM BRAI is a considerable industrial town in the Department of the Nord on the right bank of the canalised river Scheldt (or Escaut). It has a railway station on the mainlines from Calais to Bale and from Paris to Douai. It is the seat of an archbishopric and a cityof great importance in the history of France and the Low Countries. The city was occupied by German forces on the 26th August 1914 and it remained in German hands until the 9th October 1918. The Battle o f Cambrai 1917 (20th November to 3rd December) left the British line still 8 kilometres from the city on the South-West side and the German offensive o f March 1918 drove it far to the west but the Battle o f Cambrai 1918 the last o f the Battles o f the Hindenburg Line delivered the city into British hands. It was very severely damaged and the main square was still burning two days after the fight. In October and November four Casualty Clearing Stations were posted at Cambrai. The city has been “adopted ”by the County Borough of Birkenhead. Cambrai East Military Cemetery is a little East of the city on the South side of the road to Solesmes. It was made by the Germans during their occupation (in addition to their plots in the Porte-de-Paris Cemetery) and laid outwith the greatest care and monuments were erected in it to the French^ British and German dead and on the nth August 1918 as an inscription in the cemetery records, the Bavarian Commandant overhanded to the city the care and maintenance of the cemetery. The graves have now been regrouped. The British Plots are numbered Ito VI in the South-East corner and VII near the North onside the left of the entrance. Plots Ito IV were made by British troops after the capture of Cambrai V VIand contain 69 graves brought from the battlefields East and South of the city and VII contains the graves of British prisoners. The British War Graves include those o f 483 sailors soldiers Marines and airmen from the United Kingdom 14 :soldiers and airmen from Canada 3 soldiers from New Zealand one o f the British West Indies Regiment and one German. The unnamed graves number 28 and special memorials are erected to 7 soldiers from the United Kingdom known to be buried among them. Another special memorial records the name o f a soldier from the United Kingdom buried by the enem yin Cauroir Communal Cemetery whose grave could not be found. The cemetery covers an area o f about 20000 square metres o f which 1656 square metres are occupied by the British plots and Plot No I. is enclosed by a low rubble wall, the north and south ends are planted with flowering shrubs. Plot No.VI. is surrounded by a yew hedge. The Register records particulars o f 473 War Dead existing or comm em orated in this cemetery. 5
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