The Times History of the War, Volume VI

CHAPTER XCVI. THE FRENCH OFFENSIVE-DEFENSIVE, NOVEMBER 1914 TO APRIL 1915. Scope o p the C h apt er— R e a sons for the Reticence o p the F r enc hast o the i rOpe rat ions —French Review o f the Posit i o non February 11915— S t grate i cal Problem o f General J o f freon Nov ember 111914— Fig h ting from LaB a sees Bot e l fort between Nov ember 11,1914 and February 11915— Act ions round Arras Bat t leo f S o i s sons Bombardment o f R e i m Cathedrals Engagement sin Champagne the Argonne a donn the H e i g hts o f theMe u sean din the V o s g e s—Even t s from February 11915 t o March 31— Act ion sat Les parE g e sand V a u q u o i s—B a t t leo f Perth es—T h e French take the Rid geo f Not r e Dame deL o h e t t e .IN Vol. I. (Chapters XXIII. XXVI. and XXVII.) we dealt with the first offen­sive of the French in Alsace their inoffen­sive Lorraine and the Ardennes the series of battles on the Meuse and Sam bre and the glorious retreat of the Allies to the banks of the Marne while in Vol. II. (Chapters XXXII. XXXIV. XLV .and X LVI.) the Battles of the Marne and Aisne the condition of Paris under the rule of General Gallieni during those terrible days when the fortunes of the Parisians of France and the civilized world bung in the.balance together with the extension accompanied by the Battles of R oye-Peronne and Arras of the western wings of the opposing armies from Compiegne to the North Sea a t N ieuport Bains were described and their strategical significance discussed.” The Battle of Flanders comprising the numerous struggles known as the Battle of theY ser (he first Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Armen- tieres-L a Bas-ee was the culmination of that extension. I n Vol. III. (Chapters Vol. VI.— P a rt 66. X L VIII. LIV .LXII. L X I I I.)an din Vol. IV. (Chapter LX V .)the desperate and successful resistance opposed by the Belgian Army which had escaped from Antwerp and by General d U rbals and Sir John F renchs armies to the last attempt of the Kaiser to turn or pierce the left wing of the Allies in the western the atre of war was narrated and in Vol. III. (Chapter LXI.) and in Vol. IV .(Chapter L X X .)some particulars were given of the autumn and winter campaign in Cenl ral and Eastern France. The present chapter is designed to provide a sketch of the main operations conducted by the French from the end of the battle of Flanders to the .moves preliminary to the Battle of A rtois which began on May 91915. Between those dates north of L a Bassee, had occurred the bloody Battle of N e u v e . Chapelle the combats of St. Eloi and Hill 60 and the Second Battle of Ypres a t which the Canadians first met the Germans and the Germans first began the use of poisonous gas. The fighting of the British French and Belgian
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