Memorial Register 17, WW2, The Rangoon Memorial Part XXIII

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES SWAIN Gnr. eric 876910.18 Field Regt., Royal Artillery. 18th February 1945. Age 25. Son of Mrs. E. Swain (nee Depledge) of Elland, Yorkshire. Face 3. SWAIN Pte. tho mas w i l lie 4689707. 2nd Bn. The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 7th April 1942. Age 25. Face 16. SWAINSON Pte. john william 6088424. 1st Bn. The QueenS 'Royal Regt. (West Surrey). 2nd December 1943. Age 25. Face 4. SWAMBAR Hav. 4/A/301. 91 Anti-Malarial Unit I.A.M.C. 18th June 1945. Age 29. Son of Datto and Gainda of Bhaunapur Partabgarh, India. Face 85. SWAMI CHETTI Spr. s. 177584.237 Docks Operating Coy. Royal Indian Engineers. 26th April 1944. Age 32. Husband of Sinnamma of Nallathanni Odai Tiruvathiyur Madras India. Face 26. SWAMI CHETTI Spr. w.E /160599.234 Port Operating Coy. Royal Indian Engineers. 1st December 1943. Age 30. Son of Doothukottan Chetty husband of Desammal of Dura Sahib, Madras India. Face 26. SWAMI DAS Spr. 126395.163 Rly. Operating Coy. Royal Indian Engineers. 23rd May 1944. Age 29. Son of Nalakannu husband of Sasi Poranam of Sevala Samutram Tinnevelly India. Face 26. SWAMI GOUNDAR Pnr. 260346. 29th Aux. Bn. Indian Pioneer Corps. 15th October 1942. Age 18. Son of Chinnaivan and Pookawanam of Kariyama Periyam Kuppam North Arcot India. Face 93. SWAMI KANNU Sigmn. ISC/60048. Indian Signal Corps 17th Indian Div. Sigs. 28th June 1944. Age 25. Son of Maran and Sellayee of C.R. Street Salem India. Face 29. SWAMI MUTHU Sep. 0/80418.70 Ordnance Mobile Workshop Coy. I.A.O.C. 12th July 1942. Son of Mariammal husband of Arlai of Panchampatty Madura India. Face 87. SWAMINATHA CHETTI Spr. v. 132734.198 Rly. Workshop Coy. Royal Indian Engineers. 30th August 1945. Age 43. Son of Venkta Chalam Chetty husband of Kannammal of Vijayapuram Tanjore India. Face 26. SWAMINATHAN Spr. 17828.50 Field Park Coy. Q.V.O. Madras Sappers and Miners. 17th April 1942. Age 28. Son of Murugan husband of Kalyani Ammal of Angampakkam, Chingleput India. Face 27. SWAMINATHAN Spr. 44121. 2nd Pioneer Bn., Royal Indian Engineers. 5th August 1942. Age 19. Son of Sanjeeri Naidu and Margaithaiammal, of Thenval Chittoor India. Face 26. SWAMINATHAN Pnr. 452367.1466 Coy., Indian Pioneer Corps. 4th April 1945. Age 25. Son of Subban and Thuamma husband of Chimma Kutandai of Laichur South Arcot, India. Face 93. SWAN Rfn. william ralph 3191113. 1st Bn. The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). 25th May 1944. Age 24. Son of Robert and Margaret Swan, of Coldingham Berwickshire. Face 10. SWANI BOYE Pte. GC/62490. 2nd Bn. The Gold Coast Regt. R.W.A.F.F. 20th December 1945. Face 108. SWANN Pte. Char les Stanley 3779580. 1st Bn. The Kings Regt. (Liverpool). 23rd June, 1944. Age 30. Son of Herbert and Susan Swann. Face 6. SWARAN SINGH Sep. 16401. 4th Bn. 12th Frontier Force Regt. 22nd February 1942. Age 22. Son of Jiwan Singh and Ishar Kaur of Sultanpur Manjua Gurdaspur India. Face 43.
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