Profile Publications No. 107 The Gruumman F8F Bearcat

Sqdn. Numbers prior to 15th Nov. 1946 Sqdn. Numbers Sqdn. Numbers 15th Nov. 1946 after 1st Sept. 1948 to 1st Sept. 1948 VF-1L VF-3A VF-31 VF-4A VF-32 VF-11A VF-111 VF-12A VF-112 VF-5A VF-62 VF-6A VF-1A VF-11 VF-2A VF-12 VF-17A VF-171 VF-22A VF-14A VF-132 VF-15A VF-151 VF-16A VF-152 (and VF-153, -52,-113.-13,-33.-53.-93,-133.-173,-193.) Aircraft 27 o f VF-19 noses over after running into the barrier cables during the three-day operations aboard the Corregidor ( CVE-58). (Photo: U.S.N./N ational Archives) F8F-1-1 B SQUAD RON ALLOCATION Sqdn. Numbers prior to 15th Nov. 1946 VF-18 VBF-18 VF-19 VBF-19 VF-20 VBF-20 VF-81 VBF-82 Sqdn. Numbers 15th Nov. 1946 to 1st Sept. 1948 VF-19 A VF-20 A V F - 7 A VF-8A V F - 9 A VF-10A VF-13A Sqdn. Numbers after 1st Sept. 1948 VF-191 VF-192 VF-71 VF-72 VF-91 VF-92 VF-131 DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS, F8F-I General: Span (spread 35-5 ft., (folded) 23-25 ft. Length 275 ft. Height (tail wheel on ground, prop blade vertical) 13-67 ft. Wing: Area 244 sq. ft. Root Chord I 15-9 in., Tip Chord (6 in. inbd of tip) 51¦5 in. Incidence 30°, Twist Dihedral 5-5 Root Section CAN A 230I8 (modif), Tip Section 23009. Slotted Flaps, 40 maximum deflection, area 18-18 sq. ft. Frise ailerons with spring tabs and trim tab, total area 1 5 sq. ft. Dive recovery flaps, area I 38 sq. ft. Horizontal Tail: Span 1575 ft. Area 52-27 sq. ft. Elevator area, including trim tabs 18-63 sq. ft. Tail incidence 0-5°. Vertical Tail: Area 17-7 sq. ft. Rudder area 6-7 sq. ft. Fin offset I - 5 leading edge left. Engine: P & W R-2800-34W Combat (water)Power 2,400 h.p./2,800 r. p.m./1,000 ft. Military, 2,100 h.p./ 2,800 r.p.m./S.L.-3,400 ft. 2.700 h.p./2,800 r.p.m.,'9,500— 16,600 ft. Aeroproducts Propeller, 4 blade, diameter 12 ft. 7 in. Tank Capacities: Fuel, internal tank 183 gal., external centreline 150 gal., external wing 2x 100 gal. Oil 15 gal. Water 16 gal. Weights: Empty 7,070 lbs. Gross, Fighter, Full internal fuel 9,334 lbs. Gross, fighter, centreline tank 10,395 lbs. Gross, 1<1,000 lb. bombs, centreline tank 12,447 lbs. Performance: Vmax, fighter, clean (no pylons or shackles) 434 m.p.h. at 19,800 ft., 394 m.p.h./S.L. Vmax, centreline tank, 387 m.p.h. at 22,000 ft., 335 m.p.h./S.L. Rate of climb S.L.,at fighter, 4,600 ft./min. Service ceiling, fighter 38,900 ft. Range, fighter, 1,140 miles/265 m.p.h. Range, centreline tank 1,830 miles/169 m.p.h. Stalling speed, power off, landing condition, fighter gross weight, 86 m.p.h. Model Contract Date (letter of intent) Delivery Quantity U.S.N. s/n G .A.E.C. s/n Remarks XF8F-I NOas 2419 27th Nov. 1943 3I/8/44* 90461904602&2/12/44* D-0I * D-02 D-0I accepted 26/2/45, crashed NAT C 18/3/45 XF8F-I ** (F8F-I) NOas 2419*** NOas 4799 June I944 Feb.- June 19452390437-90459 D-l— D-23 90456 mod. by NAM U as F8F-ID standard proto­type. F8F-I —(Contract 7/1I/44) May 1945- Aug. 19477479475-95498 D-24— D-770 — XF8F-IN ———(2)94812&94819 D-84 & D-91 — F8F-IN ——Aug.- Nov. 1946(12)****—— F8F-IC (-IB) ——Feb. 1946- Aug. 1947(100) ****—Nos. identified include 94803,94987,95205. XF8F-2 ———(2)95049&95330 D-32I & D-602 — F8F-I NOas 8449 (Contract 28/8/46) Aug. 1947- Jan. 122087-1221521948126121463-121522 D-837— D-896 D-77I— D-836 — G-58A ——23/7/47* I ——Al Williams' Gulfhawk 4 Series Production table footnotes First flight dates. Originally these 23 a/c were designated X F8F-1. Sources are inconsistent as to actual designation used, both X and non -X version scan be found. Following initial order for two prototypes the contract was modified to cover 23 additional X F 8 F -1 's plus tooling-up for production at 100 a/c per month rate. This effort was subsequently transferred to NOas 4799, the production contract. Random BuNo’s from the basic range. F8F-I, ex-Arm ee de I'Air, o f 5 Nth Fighter Squadron, Republic o f Vietnam Air Force. The equipment o f two French fighter squadrons was overturned to the South Vietnamese after the Dien Bien Pliu tragedy o f 1954. They served with the 514th Sqdn. until replaced by Skyraiders (see Profile No. 60, The Douglas Skyraider). (Photo: David W . Menard) PRINTED IN ENGLAND ©Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England by George Falkner &Sons Ltd., for McCorquodale City Printing Division, London. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for.
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