The British Prisoner of War, Volume I No. 3, March 1918

T he B ritish Prisoner of W ar T h e M o n th ly J o u rn a l o f th e C en tra l P r iso n e r s o f W ar C o m m ittee o f th e B ritish R ed C ro ss a n d O rd er o f St. J o h n . Vol. I —No. 3 M ARCH, 1918 Price Threepence W J 5 SMOKES FOR PRISONERS OF WAR 300 Wills’ “ W oodbines” Cigarettes, in packets of 5 ... ... 3/3 300 Wills’ “ Gold Flakes” ,, in packets of 10 ... 5/2 300 Player’ s Navy Cut ,, in packets of 10 ... 5/5 J ib . Wills’ “ C apstan” Navy Cut Tobacco, in £ lb. tins ... 2/- J lb. Player’s Navy Cut Tobacco, in | lb. tins ... ... 2/- Can only forward 300 cigarettes, or i lb. of tobacco each two weeks, to one man. Wills’ “ W oodbine” Cigarettes, in packets of 10 ... ... 10/9 per 1,000 Wills’ “ Gold F lak e” ,, in packets of 10 ... ... 17/- „ Player’s Navy Cut ,, in packets of 10 ... ... 18/- ,, Wills’ “ C apstan” Navy Cut Tobacco, in j lb. tins ... ... 4/- per lb. Player’s Navy Cut Tobacco, in Jib. tins ... ... ... 4/- „ Can supply at above rates to Prisoners of W ar Associations which have H .M . Customs Bond S.,ores : cigar< tis in caser of 50.>. A 0 obac^.^l n cases i ' 100 lbs. i land your orcier to any tobacconist, or mail direct to— THE BRITISH-AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY, LTD., Ex. (Expeditionary) Department, No. 7, Millbank, London, S .W .I. BACON v SPECIAUY CURED • > & KICKED IN CARTONS * IN Vz &ltb. SIZES. * O c r m l f y 2 t e £ k k n i s cffioifxb or dried. R p S E & R p S E 5 3 ,H A m A R K £ T .S W l T eU d io n e s O ffice,.. .Gerrard.6 277 C U o r k s . . . S t n z a t k a m 1 8 6 0 ORDER THROUGH THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OXFORD’S p a t e n t n PARCHMENT-COATED SUET PUDDINGS LIKE HOAAE-MADEJBUT WITHOUT TIN o r BASIN. Lemon, ,(3tnqer; J'am.Manmud^ Raisin, C urrant; <^ctkcr V arieties. OXFORD’S L ™ ...•* « & BURTON - O N -TREN T, ^ 3 , HAYM ARKET, LONDON, S.W .I. (9nfcr UKrcugfi, t(w C en tral Gornm ittie? -
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