War Machine, Volume 6

m USSR/CHINA I Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19/Shenyang J-6 The State Aircraft Factory at Shenyang began producing copies of the MiG-19 for the Chinese air force under the designation J-6. These appeared mainly in natural metal abut few were camouflaged in the 1960s. years. The MiG-19 has the NATO re­porting name ‘Farmer1 .Soviet manufacture of the MiG-19 is understood to have ceased during 1958 but the type remained in produc­tion in Czechoslovakia until at least 1961 whilst a copy known as the J-6, has been built by Chinas Shenyang factory for many years. Examples of the J-6 have also been supplied to a number of friendly na­tions including Albania Pakistan Tan­zania and Vietnam the Pakistani machines being particularly unusual in that they are fitted with British Martin- Baker ejection seats and have provi­sion for carriage of the American AIM- 9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile. Although now rather dated the MiG-19/J-6 is still a most potent war­plane if flown by an experienced pilot, possessing great agility and devastat­ing guns. Specification Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG- 19/Shenyang J-6C Type: single-seat fighter Powerplant: two Wopen-6 (Tumansky R-9BF-811) turbojets each rated at 3250-kg 165-lb) (7 afterburning thrust Performance: maximum speed 1540 km/h (957 mph) at 11000 m (36090 ft) initial climb rate more than 9145 m (30000 ft)per minute service ceiling 17900 m (58725 ft) tactical radius 685 km (425 miles) with two drop tanks ferry range 2200 km (1,365 miles) with maximum internal and external fuel Weights: empty 5670 kg (12700 lb) normal loaded 7545 kg (16634 lb) maximum take-off 7648965 kg(19 lb) Dimensions:span9.20 m(30 ft2 1/4 in) length 12.60 m (41 ft 4 in) excluding probe height 3.88 m (12 ft 8% in) wing area 25.00 m2 (269.1 sq ft) Armament: two or three 30-mm NR-30 cannon plus up to 500 kg (1102 lb) of external ordnance including four air- to-air missiles rockets and bombs Europe's first truly supersonic produc­tion jet fighter traces its lineage back to the late 1940s and was initially con­ceived around the newly-developed Lyulka AL-5 axial-flow jet engine. However slow progress with this powerplant prompted a change to a twin-engine design with a pair of Mikulin AM-5s In its earliest form as the 1-350 the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG- 19 featured a T-tail layout but this was quickly revised following the loss of the prototype as a result of aflutter low-set tailplane being adopted and successfully flown on the I-350(M) dur­ing late 1952 Production-configured MiG-19F fighters began to appear soon after­ wards but these were destined to joy only short service careers, attrition rates bringing about the mod­els forced retirement. The second version to make its de­but was the slab-tailplane MiG-19S which began to enter service in 1955, and this proved to be much more reli­able although it was quickly sup­planted by the MiG-19PF which intro­duced lzum rud radar and which ulti­mately provided the basis for the first supersonic Soviet missile-armed fighter the MiG-19PM backbone of Soviet air defences for a number of Pakistan has been a major recipient of the ShenyangJ-6 and this country has appreciated the type's toughness and agility. The Pakistani J-6s are fitted with Martin-Baker ejection seats an dare Sidewinder- capable. Carrying four AA-1 ‘A lk alim issiles and featuring Izumrud radar the MiG-19PM was one of the Warsaw Pacts first missile fighters. This example served with Poland who retained these fighters until about 1970.
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