War Machine, Volume 2

_ _ _ _ _ SPAIN Lm J Dedalo and Principe de Asturias The Dedalo is an ex-US ‘Independ­ence class carrier built during World War II that ended her days in the US Navy as an aviation transport. She was reactivated and modernized as a car­rier at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard before being transferred to Spam on a five-year loan from 30 August 1967 .In December 1975 the D6dalo was purchased outright and now acts as the Spanish navy's fleet flagship Her flight deck is 1661 m (545 ft) long and 32.9 m (108 ft) wide and the hangar can accommodate 1 8 Sikorsky Sea King type helicopters with another six on the flight deck The Dedalo's normal air wing comprises four air groups with at least one with eight BAe Matador V/STOL fighters one with four SH-3D/ G Sea King ASW helicopters one with four Agusta (Bell) AB.212 ASW anti­submarine and electronic warfare helicopters and one of four helicop­ters as required by the mission assigned to the carrier (these could, for example be four Bell AH- 1G Cobra attack helicopters to support an amphibious landing) A maximum of seven four-aircraft groups can be handled aboard. To replace the Dedalo in 1986 the Spanish ordered on 29 June 1977 a gas turbine-powered vessel based on the final design variant of the abortive US Navys Sea Control Ship Named Prin­cipe de Asturias the new ship has a flightdeck measuring 175 m (574 ft) in length and 30 m (98 ft 6 in) in width, fitted with a 12° ski-jump ramp blended into the bow Two aircraft lifts are fitted one of them at the extreme stern For the Principe de Asturias' air wing Spain has ordered the McDon­ nell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II V/STOL fighter and the Sikorsky SH-60B Sea- hawk ASW helicopter. The comple­ment of aircraft and helicopters will be 20 made up of six to eight AV-8Bs six to eight SH-3s or SH -60s and four to eight 212s AB the actual mix depend­ing upon the operational requirement. A fully digital command and control system is fitted with a LINK 1 1 intership data transmission terminal. It is ex­pected that a second vessel of this type will be ordered later. Specification Dedalo Displacement: 13000 tons standard, 16416 tons full load Dimensions: length 1899 m (623 ft) beam21.8 m(71 ft6 in) draught7.9 m (25 ft) Machinery: four-shaft geared steam turbines delivering 100000 shp (74570 kW) Speed: 24 kts Aircraft: see text Armament: one quadruple 40-mm AA, and nine twin 40-mm AA Electronics: one SPS-8 3D radar one SPS-6 air-search radar one SPS-40 air- search radar one SPS-1 0 surface- search and tactical radar two Mk 29 fire-control systems two Mk 28 fire- control systems two navigation radars, one URN-22 TACAN system one WLR-1 electronic countermeasures system Complement: 1112 without air group Specification Principe de Asturias Displacement: 14700 tons full load Dimensions: length 195.1 m (640 ft) beam 244 m (80 ft) draught 9.1 m (29 ft 1 0 in) Machinery: one-shaft gas turbine (two GE LM 2500) delivering 46000 shp (34300 kW) Speed: 26 kts Aircraft: see text Armament: four Meroka 20-mm CIWS Electronics: one SPS-55 surface- search radar one SPS-52 3D radar, four Meroka fire-control radars one SPN-35A air control radar one URN-22 TACAN system four Mk 36 Super RBOC chaff launchers Complement: 790 without air group u Giuseppe Garibaldi Essentialy designed as a gas turbine- powered carrier for helicopters the Giuseppe Garibaldi also incorporates features suiting her for the carriage and operation of V/STOL fighters. The flight deck is 173.8 m (570 ft 2 in) long and 21 m (68 ft 1 1 in) wide and is fitted with a ski-jump ramp. The hangar is 110 m (360 ft 1 1 in) long 1 5 m (49 ft 3 in) wide and 6 m (19 ft 8 in) high and is built to accommodate 12 Agusta (Sikorsky) Sea King ASW helicopters, or 1 0 V/STOL aircraft and one Sea King although the available height will permit the embarkation of heavy-lift Meridionali (Boeing Vertol) CH-47 Chinook helicopters if required. Two aircraft lifts are fitted (one forward and one abaft the island) and there are six marked flightdeck spaces for helicop­ter operations. The Giuseppe Garibal­di was designed specifically to pro­vide ASW support for naval task forces and merchant convoys and as such is fitted with full flagship facilities plus command control and communication systems for both naval and air force operations. In emergencies she can also carry up to 600 troops for short periods The extensive weaponry fitted also allows her to operate as an independent surface unit. To permit helicopter operations in heavy weath­er she has been fitted outwith two pairs of fin stabilizers and her aircraft maintenance facilities are sufficient not only to service her own air group but also the light ASW helicopters of any escorting warships. It is planned to commission her in 1985 to replace both the 500-ton 6 'Andrea Dona' class heli- copter-cruisers It is not yet known if Italy will eventually buy V/STOL fighters for her air group the naval budget already being hard pushed just to provide enough ships to mod­ernize the fleet. Specification Displacement: 10100 tons standard 13139 full load Dimensions: length 179 m (587 ft 3 in) beam 304 m (99 ft 9 in) draught 6.7 m (22 ft) Machinery: two-shaft gas turbine (four Fiat/GE LM2 500) delivering 80000 hp (59655 kW) Speed: 30 kts Aircraft: 1 2 SH-3D Sea King helicopters with space on flight deck for six more Armament: six Teseo Otomot Mk 2 SSM launchers (12 missiles) two octuple Albatros short-range SAM systems (56 missiles) three twin 40- mm Dardo CIWS two triple 325-mm (12.75-m ) ASW torpedo tubes for Mk 46 and Whitehead AS244/S torpedoes Electronics: one RAN 3L 3D radar one RAT 3 1 air-search radar one RAN 10S air-search radar one SPS 702 surface- search radar three RTN 20X Dardo The first Italian aircraft-carrier to actually see service the Giuseppe Garibaldi is designed to carry V/STOL fighters although her air group will tracking radars two RTN 30X Albatros fire-control radars one SPS 703 navigation radar one TACAN system, one IPN 1 0 data-processing system, various passive ESM systems two SCLAR chaff launchers and one DE 1160sonar Complement: 550 normal 825 maximum including air group actually consist of Sea King ASW helicopters for the foreseeable future as the Italian navy is short of funds. Above: The elderly Spanish carrier Dedalo was converted from an ex-US World War II carrier of the ‘Independenceclass. Currently the flagship of the Spanish fleet she is due to be replaced by an indigenous- built version of the US Sea Control Ship design. Below: As USS Cabot Dedalo survived a kamikaze attack during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Spanning naval generations sheis today one of the few ships to operate V/STOL aircraft on a regular basis. 480
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