Memorial Register Germany 13 WW2, Berlin War Cemetery Part II

Berlin NOT T ID G E Pilot Offr. (Pilot) john j e p h son 1939-194578549. R.A.F.(V.R.). 207 Sqdn. 13th August war 1941. Age 29. Son o f Mr. and Mrs. George CEMETERY Nottidge husband o f Helen Margaret Nottidge GER. 13 o f Padbury Buckinghamshire. B.A. 4. B. 7. NO VELL Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) john edward ,1614464. R.A.F.(V.R.). 576 Sqdn. 27th January 1944. Coll. grave 8. Z. 11-18. NUN N Dvr. john geo r geT /132872.1 Supply Group Coy. R.A.S.C. 2nd November 1944. Age 32.10. B. 7. NUT MAN Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) john run niff ,954362. R.A.F.(V.R.). 425 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. 24th March 1944.6. J. 14. NUT T MAN Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) douglas john ,1801284. R.A.F.(V.R.). 9 Sqdn. 2nd December^ 1943.5. K. 28. OAKLEY L. Cpl. ernest edward 7687469.50 Divisional Provost Coy. Corps of Military Police. 19th February 1945. Age 31. Son of Albert and Violet Oakley husband of Marjorie Grace Oakley of Canterbury. A .C.I.I. Coll. grave 11. C. 17-20. OATES Sgt. (Air Gnr.) Ne ville Walter ,1868430. R.A.F.(V.R.). 166 Sqdn. 15th February 1945. Son of Herbert Leslie and Louise Jenny Oates o f Reigate Surrey. 13. Z. 4. OBRIEN Sgt. (W.Op./Air Gnr.) gilbert john ,1028910. R.A.F.(V.R.). 44 Sqdn. 23rd November 1943. Coll. grave 4. K. 14-19. Martha Catherine OBrien o f Yargullen Queens­land Australia. 8. Z. 37. OBRIEN Pte. L.E .5361. Umvoti Mounted Rifles S.A. Forces. 27th February 1945. Son of Horace and Grace OBrien o f CapeTown South Africa. Sp. Mem. “C” .2. H. 7. OCALLAG HAN Flying Offr. (Air Bomber) MICHAEL ARTHUR 164488. R.A.F.(V.R-) 166 Sqdn. 15th February 1945.13. Z. 7. OCO NNELL Fus. Patrick 7043120. 1st Bn. The Royal Irish Fusiliers. 24th April 1941. Age 25. Son o f Timothy and Mary O Connell of Youghal Co. Cork Irish Republic. 9. H. 23. OCO NNELL Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) richard JAMES 1217981. R.A.F.(V.R.). 44 Sqdn. 22nd January 1944. Coll. grave 6. L. 1-7. OCONNOR Rfn. william Joseph 6409945. 1st Bn. The London Irish Rifles The Royal Ulster Rifles. 9th March 1944. Age 25. Son of Phillip and Mary OConnor o f Tralee Co Kerry, Irish Republic. 11. G. 16. ODEA Fit. Sgt. RONALD PATRICK 427017. R.A.A.F. 26th November 1943. Age 21. Son o f Daniel Patrick and Amy ODea of Geraldton, Western Australia. 9. F. 10. OD O N NELL Pilot Offr. william john 420906. R.A.A.F. 22nd January 1944. Age 28. Son of Robert Owen ODonnell and Lillian Trevar ODonnell husband o f Patricia Lillian Rosaline ODonnell of Ashfield New South Wales, Australia. 2. M. 8. OBRIEN Fit. Sgt. john leo 425740. R.A.A.F. 30th January 1944. Age 23. Son of James and Rep rin ted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Maidenhead November 1978
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