The Rock

Imaginary Extract from R c io s o f Cbe Unioerse 17 ^arch 5th, 1 9 ??SWASTIKAS OVER GIBRALTAR! Smuggled Letter Brings News From The Reek At Last (Exclusive to “The News” )WORLD COPYRIGHT RESERVED (but German and Italian papers please copy). WHAT has been happening in Gibraltar since the dark days of December, when the mighty Rock fortress fell before the onslaught of the Luftwaffe (fresh from its fifth Battle of Britain) and the Italian Fleet (making its most successful —and only —appearance of the war). For three months, a grim curtain of silence has been overdrawn the scene. The Rock’s last message to the outside world told how the gallant defenders were battling with 1500 Nazi dive-bombers and a sea bom­bardment. Then news ceased ....Until today! A t last, authentic information as to what is ongoing in this great bastion of Empire has reached London. It incomes a letter smuggled out of Gibraltar and brought to England via underground channels that dare not be revealed. Here,in simple language, a soldier paints for a friend a remarkable picture of the Gibraltar of today. "We print it just as it was written: THE LETTER Dear sid ,So tho unexpected happened! Gib was captured by tho Nazis and no doubt you’ll have read all details in the papers— how they did it and about their secret wea­pon. Well, I’ll try to tell you how it is affecting us hore, though wo’ ll probably bo carted off to a prison camp in Ger­many any day now. Take a walk down Main Street (sorry,“ I liiup,,*r:isse” nnw i We’ll upstart by Ince’s Hall— tho Biergarten there is out of bounds to 11*5 as tiiore’s only enough lager for tho Nazis. Wo have to salute (German style!) as we pass the Gauleiter’s House (formerly the residence of H.E. the Governor). Re- menibor (ho Guard which was always out­side Government House— well, there is now a detachment of Storm-Troopers on duty day and night. This saluting business took a bit of getting used Ito, can tell you but after some of our lads were given severe doses of the Concentration (formerly Deten­tion) Barracks, we found it easier to obey the order and, anyway, you can always curse the Fuhrer (silently) as you do it. The Emporium is closed, as the Germans bought up all their stock (with special money printed by themselves and worth nothing), boone can no longer wander in and gaze at the senoritas. Anyway, those lassies hopped it when the Blitz started and won’t como back. You can’t ado ten-crawl any longer, either, as only Germans are permitted to buy what little ersatz tea or coffee is sold. The Garrison Box Oflice is shut, too, and we’ve had togo back to tho old queue system, though naturally Nazis can just walk in freo and push us aside. It’s not much fun going to tho flicks in any case— the films are all in German and mostly propaganda. Well, we’ve reached the Adolf Hitler Platz (you’ll remember it as Casemates) and we’re in time to seethe Ities drilling on one side and the Jerries on the other. It gives me a pain in the neck to see all this goose-stepping, but they say that terrible things happened to one poor devil who was heard laughing at it, so one has to be very careful. Darn, wo forgot to get our copy of the “Gibraltar Beobachter.” It costs 9d., but it’s only the old “Chronic” under anew name and with vastly different news.Paper is short, so they allow us only one copy per twenty mon, but woe betide the hut if there isn’t at least one copy on display when the Oberfeldwebel comes round on inspection. MORENO GROUSING When (or if) tlioy start lotting parcels through again, I wonder, Sid, if you could manage to send a couple of tins of Maconochies out to us. Our present rations aro hopeless, and it would cheer the chaps up no end if they thought there was a chance of getting M. &V. occasion­ally for their Sunday dinner. A tin of .salmon or herrings would bo very welcome, too. Of course, you have to be very careful in lots of little ways in this new Gibraltar. There’s none of that good old grousing you used to hear. You may find that the chaps to whom you were moaning belong to the Gestapo (a form of Military Policeman). The Nazis say the best way to stop grousing is to givo nous time for it —in other words, they just make this an ex­cuse to plant more work onus. Work— woll, all ranks have to do at least throe nights a week in the Tunnels now in addition to their daytime occu­pations, so they keep our noses to the grindstone all right. I must stop now, as it’s time for us togo and sing tho“ Ilorst Wessel” song and then the Gauleiter will address onus “The Degradation of the British Race.” All tho best, old chap— and get open­ing that Second Front! Yours ever,•«********
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