The Rock

Joan Gilbert Visits The RockS O now Gibraltar knows Joan Gilbert in person. For over two years, the Rock had heard her invoice the “Calling Gibraltar” broadcast week by week. It sounded a charming, businesslike voice. Then, early in February, Joan came to Gibraltar. She wanted to seethe Rock for herself. We of “The Rock Magazine” knew that, behind the scenes, a movement was afoot to enable Joan to nfeet her audience in person. The visit was first suggested when H.E .the Governor called at the B.B.C. studios before taking up his appointment in Gibraltar. The B.B.C. favoured the project, but many unexpected difficulties cropped up. However, one day Joan arrived almost unannounced and the Rock discovered that that charming and businesslike voice belonged to a charming and businesslike person. We had the honour of arranging a pretty thorough tour of the Garrison for Joan: visits to gunsites and sections anywhere between the top of the Rock and the end of the Moles calls at hospitals, social welfare clubs and messes —and many glimpses of men at work. Wherever she went, she was well received. She spoke to hundreds of men of the three Services, as well as civilian war-workers, during her ten-day stay: getting ideas for her programme, meeting men to whom messages had been broadcast or who hope to have messages broadcast to them. She was able to tell us quite a lot about the weekly gatherings of wives, sweethearts and relatives in the B.B.C. studios— and now she will be able to tell those twives, sweethearts and relatives all about onus 1 the Rock. We know she will tell them a true story, for she saw the Rock as it is. And we thank her for that— and for having tjhe pluck to visit us and see Gibraltar for herself. Good luok, Joan! And good luck, ‘‘Calling Gibraltar” !The Navy Gets the Signal. Bill Sims, Cambs. :'send their good now THE MONTH’S MESSAGES MEN to whom messages have been broadcast in the “Calling Gibraltar” feature in recent weeks will find their names below. Details nf messages maybe collected at “The Rock” office, Cornwall’s Parade. ’JANUARY 5 John Mackenzie, from his wife of Twicken­ ham :“Donald and 1 ’wish you a happy birthday. Hope to see you soon. All at SI send love and best wishes and are well. All my love.” Lionel Walley, from his mother of Wybun- bury. Cheshire: “How are ytiu? Isn’t it delightful ro speak to you at last? Wish you could answer. You are ever in our thoughts, especially on the 2nd.” Also' Reginald Cook (from Bridgwater), John Chamley (Eccles), Ron Johnson (Leytonstone). William Harris (Whit- stable), Thomas Whitwell (Stock well). George Dean (Cannock), Neil Graham (Liverpool), Hugh Lamont (M aghill). .John Ayton (London). John Leaf (Bra m ley), Horace Jones (Stoke-on- Trent). Gordon Sloran (Rugby). Stanley Taylor (Chilwell), William Barnes (Manchester). JANUARY 12 Sgt. Cyril Goddard, from his fiancee of South Harrow: “We hope you are feel­ing fit. Thank you for cobles. Just heard the picture’s arrived. Until we meet, all my love.” Mother slso sent greetings. rout his wife of Longstowe, hippy birthday, 'the children love. They are at home for Mum, Madge and ISrn are o.k. Everybody at homo wishes you all the best of luck and speedy return.” Also Syd Hamblin (Tunbridge' Wells), Dick Oliver (London). Alfred Poulter (Cambridge), Denis George and Frank Walker (London and Swanley), Harry Welfare (Gillingham) Tom Hume (London), Peter Evans (Leeds), John Dobson (Blaby), Arthur Howell (Southend-on-Sea), Gerald Carroll (Dagen­ ham), Albert Hayton (Hull), Ernie Bolt (London), George Harston (Llandudno), Maldwyu Jones (Anglesey), John McLuskey (Bridgetown), William Glover (Boxm oor), W. Jewell (Hunstanton). JANUARY 19 For Ja*k Lauren* (Grecnford), Lew Jordan (Gosport). Sid Biggs (Leicester), Cyril Evans (W rexham), Jerry Agar (Leicester), Anthony Hope (Greenford), Jimmy Martin (London), Norman Barker (Leeds), Jack Clayton (Grantham), Ernest Baker (White •ngtom Moor), Sidney Bourne (Hounslow). JANUARY 26 For Mick Hopkins (Caton), Aian Winter (Bristol), Ted Simpkins (Luton), Tom Foreman (Barking). Albert Bean (Sheffield), HarVy Cole (Twickenham), Patrick Ball (W eymouth), R-oy. Smith (Southampton), George Brady (Peter­ borough), Frederick King (Birmingham), Tom Colley (Birmingham). Arthur Potter (Brighouse), Fred Riley (Nottingham), Robert Lees (Manchester). Bob Jolly (Barking), Ern Dann (London), Arthur Caplin (London). THEY PRIZE CONTRIBUTORS W E acknowledge with gratitude the assistance ,we receive from the follow­ing local business houses in prising our contributors month by month: EMPORIUM, Main-street (One pound). GARCIA “CATHEDRAL'S ”SHOE SHOP ,204 Main-street (Ten shillings). ROYAL HOTEL BAR, Main-street (Ten shillings). LAG LAIR DARES TAU RANT, 4 Cornwall’s Parade (Ten shillings). CAFE UNIV E R SAL, Main-street (Ten shillings). GOLDEN HAM RES TAU RANT, Govornor’s-streot and Cornwall’s Lane (Ten shillings). Prize-winning contributions in our February number were as follows: Article: “Democracy at Work” (Aperin). Cartoon: “Come Into The Parlour” (Docker 42)* Further Cartoons: J. Bower. Feature Article: Challenge (“Verona,” name wanted, please). Humorous Effort: Music While We Work (Klondyke). The •Emporium's award was won by Gunner W . Trumble, with his excellent sketch of the Rock which accompanied H.E. the Governor’s poem. Messrs. Povedano, Main-street, very generously donated £2 in lieu of their usual gift of smokers’ requisites this month and we think they will agree with us that“ Paloma’s” story “Heads We Eat It” and Harry Freeman's <(I Re-discover England” were well worthy of sharing the prize. •rtMW LTAK OMRONtCL* P m N TIN COP FIC «.
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