The Rock

THE“: ROCK "MAGAZINE !Editorial OfTicc: [Masonic Hall, ComwaJI’s Parade J Phone Aut. 801. [Joint Editors: W.E. GLAD STONE REG CUD LIP P^A^»W V W V V V V A V '»»J'JV V^,«».*A MAIN STREET MIND... ANY HAPPY RETURNS" will bethe wish of every reader Of this birthday number of “The Rock.” And to these good wishes Should be added hearty congratu­lations on the magazine's fine re­cord for in two years it has won a unique position in the Garrison, not only as a widely-read periodical but as an organiser of social and sport­ing events which have helped greatly to relieve the monotony of life here. That “The Rock’s ”work and in­fluence should have extended so widely as it has is all the more creditable, it seems tome. because Gibraltar is a places where- it is difficult to take a wide outlook and to achieve a big result. Gibraltar is essentially a narrow placo. At the most, the Rook is under a mile wide. The town is a series of narrow streets, alleys and ramps. Its buildings are huddled together to make the most of what little accommodation ihero is, and, wherever we go, the Ilock itself looms above onus the ono side aud the sea hems us in on the other. Does not all this narrowness have -a mental reaction on those who live hero? "Cribbed, cabin’d and confined” as we are physically, do we not tend to get into a rut psychologically ?Environment has a big influence on our lives, and never was this .truth brought home to mo more vividly than on a visit to £pain, when 1 saw wide, open country for the first time in two years. The mentRl exhilaration of it, tho’ sense of freedom, the joy of spaciousness are unforgettable. I felt a vigour and fresh­ness of mind that I had not known fur a iong time. It struck me then that maybe the Rock itself can mould our minds into narrow grooves like its own highways and byways, producing in the process a morbid “disease” which may well be called the "Main Street mind.” Its effect is to limit the outlook to tho narrow confines of Gibraltar’s chief thoroughfare—if “thoroughfare” rt can be called! —the mind becomes stale and poworloss, and life is as dull and dingy as Main Street on a wot day. Fortunately, Gibraltar itself provides an excellent remedy. For myself, 1 know of nothing better than a climb to the top of the Rock. Tho higher one goes, the further the lower slopes recede from sight and mind. Main Street and those little alleyways which seem to engulf us during tho ordinary business of life become as insigni­ficant as they really are and an ever- widening and entrancing landscape bursts upon the gaze. At the summit, tho view into Spain embraces n glorious range of hill country with San Roque and Algeciras like white stones in an emerald setting the Bay and the Mediterranean add that quality to the scenery which only water can give and away to the South is the mountainous outline of the North African coast, grand and grey, with a mysterious beauty of its own. Even the Rock itself becomes more gracious as ono takes the winding throughway woodland-like surroundings, which tho grimness of an occasional gun-site cannot spoil. Yes, you will find on the Upper Rock a mental tonic, a wider out­look. and anew and brighter world, which will give fresh life to a tired mind and elevate your thoughts above the petty affairs of everyday life. And if “Main Street mind” does not disappear at the first, dose o f this most agreeable “medicine,” repeat the dose until it does. H .F.P. Late Unit ScandalS O the "Grey-Whiskered Old Warrior" and that "Tantalising Quartcrbloke’1 'found themselves "do trop” at Windy Bush t’other night. Poor show, chap? poor show. ?Flash: The Corps has deleted nail file* and substituted "Assault course, for the use of." ?*Have you heard that, the Gae Officer of tho “Different Regiment” studies his pamphlets with an ampule of D.M .burn­ing by his side? So it is said by his batman, who administers the ine- quont sips of hot sweet tea. ?Brainwave: Polished cement floor for dancing. Who was tho senior N.C.O. ??REPLYING to a correspondent, "S.P -”on a badge means Special Proficiency not Separate Peace ...M ADVERTISEMENTS COULD any bird fancier who has a spare hutch or cage sell to Sgts’ Mess for cash? Also several small IhwIk for feeding. Box 1935. “The Rock.” PERSONAL—- It is requested that.“ A ”bring their Bibles or Prayer Books with them next time. They can forget“ Alfie.” D ON’T let yourself get listless IBo trooper-conscious!! Read the daily communiques issued by Hiram K. Roberts, Exclamation Gun-site. All the latest pat­ter— red-hot rumours. ——1-..........................240 ENTRIES IN LITERARY COMPETITION ADJUDICATORS in the Garrison Literary Competition are hard at work choosing the entries that will gain the £40 prize money. Entries in the eleven classes totalled nearly 240, including 81 unpublished poems, .‘17 poems on sot subjects, 47 short stories and 22 essays. Results will be made known at a meet­ing to bo held on Friday, March 12, to which till competitors will be invited. "He gave us a lecture on combined operations yesterday.” ‘•CATER PILLAR SWILL BE LIQUID A TED inAction Mediterranean (Road) Scctor. (Seo article elsewhere).
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