The Second Great War, Volume 7

LIST OF CHAPTERS (Contd.) C C L X I C CLXII C C L XIII C CLXIV C C L X V C C L X V I CCLXVII ccL x vm 290. page 2907 HOW FRANCE PREPARED FOR LIBERATION 291. page 2919 ATTACK AND COUNTER-ATTACK IN RUSSIA AUTUMN 1943292. page 2928 SOVIET RUSSIA BEGINS TO REBUILD 293. page 2942 INACTION THE DODECANESE 1943294. page 2949 AMERICAS SECOND YEAR AT WAR 295. page 2955 LATIN AMERICA DRAWS CLOSER TO ALLIES 296. page 2962 AIR POWER PAVES THE WAY FOR INVASION 1943297. page 2978 LINES OF ALLIED STRATEGY IN 1943298. page 2986 INDIA :ARSENAL OF ATTACK ON JAPAN 299. page 2997 FROM DEFENSIVE TO INOFFENSIVE BURMA 1944300. page 3019 INVASION YEAR IN GREAT BRITAIN 301. page 3029 MERCHANT NAVYS PART IN INVASION 302. page 3038 THE ALLIES FORCE THE ROAD TO ROME 303. page 3055 TENSION IN THE MIDDLE EAST 1944304. page 3067 NAVAL EXPLOITS IN WESTERN WATERS 1944305. page 3075 THE RUSSIANS RECONQUER THE UKRAINE HISTORIC DOCUMENTS (The number o f the gap eon which each document appears is given in brackets )Broad cast b y Mr. C h u rc hill o n Post-War Policy March 211943.(2599) New m e a su res for using man-power announced b y Mr. Ernest B ev in in House o f Com mons July 291943.(2599) Mr. C h u rc hill a t the Mans ion H o u eons national duties during a n dafter the war, Nov ember 91943.(2599) Broad cast review o f Naval War in the Mediterranean b y Mr. A.V .Alex and er, September 161943.(2600) A Four- Y rae Plan for Agriculture an­nounced b y Mr. R .S.H u d son May 26,1943.(2600) Dec la ration ofT e h e ran signed b y Roose­velt Stalin and C h u rc hill Dec ember 1,1943.(2636) Ann ounce men ton Anglo -Sin o -American C o lla b oration issued in Cairo Dec ember 11943.(2636) Lord W a v ells first public speech as Viceroy to the Assoc ia ted Chambers o f Commerce in Calcutta Dec ember 201943.(2636) C CLXIX Speech b y Hitler scoffing a t ‘military idiots and a ‘Second Front Septem­ber 301942.(2819) C C L X X Message to the Italian people by Roose­velt and C h u rc hill July 161943.(2819) C C L X X I ‘Thou g hts o then New World by Field Marshal Smuts Nov ember 251943.(2819) C C L X X I1 Terms o f Armistice with Italy September 31943.(2866) CCLXXni Mr. C h u rc hill in the Com mon son Italy ’s Unconditional Surrender September 211943.(2866) C C L XXIV H.M .the Kings Broad c aston Stan od-d w n o f the Home Guard Dec ember 31944.(3016) C C L XXV Mr. C h u rc hill in the Com mon son the Fall o fRo mean dAllied In v a ions o f France June 61944.(3016) C C L XXV I Mr. Alexander First Lord o f the Ad­miralty o n British Wartime Ship Con­struction Nov ember 11944.(3017) C C L XXVII T heEd u cation Act 1944.(3017)
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