The New Illustrated, 22nd March 1919

The Xcw Must rat id 22nd March 1919. Economy in food and drink !To makeup for meatless have more puddings and pastry made with i t A SHREDDED A tora !!Mi THE HANDY SUET All milk puddings are also greatly enriched by its use. J lbs. go as far as 2 lbs. raw suet. HllgOns Concentrated Soup Tablets Mad© from savoury herbs vegetables and extract of beef rich and appetising in flavour nutritious and economical. 1 pint). In 0 varieties. Price 2 tl. pkt. (to mako Hugons Sauce Powder .\Id. packet with water and vinegar makes a Shilling tize Bottle of tliick delicious piquant Sauce. Used in powder form as a flavouring for soups stows etc., it makes these dishes ft revelation in tastiness. Hugons Pearl Barley Lemonade COLD or HOT. Combines the nutriment of Barley with the fragrance of choicest Lemons. Nutritious and delicious. In 3d. plus. -Made in a moment. :Sole Manufacturer HU GON &CO LTD .Manchester. m m W AM FOUNTPEMS Most busy people find that they have little time for letter-writing. And yet it is a mistake to get out of touch with friends. A“Swan” Fountpen will enable you to utilise your odd moments to the fullest and write regularly. The smooth gold nib, which can be chosen to suit your hand makes writing a pleasure and lasts a life-time with reasonable care. 99 Prices from 1066 c 126 MABIE TODD &CO. LTD. London Manchester Paris Zurich. Sydney, Toronto etc. B.E Prvt. J. H. STRINGER. A.&S. Highlanders.“ I lmil tho Flu mill could not manage iny duties while on the patrol and was sent to iny billet. The same night I was very bad but having read the good 1bosferine lias done in Flu eases I took some Tub- let and the pains went from my head and m y stomanh began to get in order again .”GUNNER HUBERT O’SULLIVAN, R.F.A. W o were lushed to Italy amongst the snow and what with the damp and the cold f soon found myself with a touch of the Flu but quickly got rid of it am thankful to say I warded oft' colds and neuralgia and kept myself fit, because I 1 did not forget Phosferine.” STAFF SERGEANT W. COOK. Royal Engineers. 4 4 On Sunday Feb. 2 1 was taken with the 'Flu shivering fits* pains in legs hips and shoulders also arising temperature. To try to keep warm I went to Ijed in my billet with boots., putties and overcoat on. The following day I was the same but kept about on duty at 4.30 p.m. m y temperature was 103'.').1 then remembered that somewhere min y kit 1 had some Phosferine so 1 found it and took four tablets. I wvnfc to l x 1 about S p.m. and took two more tablets. On the Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. I took m y temperature and tom y great surprise found 1 was down to OS'O or only half a degree above normal this soon disappeared and I ‘carried on as the pains and shivers had by then left me. I took the remainder of the tablets, about eight and since then I ve felt ‘top hole. I twas Phosferine tablets that effected the rapid cure. 1 am 50 years of age.” These experienced soldiers are convinced it is a public duty to testify to the unfailing efficacy of Phosferine as a preventive of, and remedy for the disastrous scourge o f Influenza now raging throughout the world. P hosferine stimulates the nerve centres to produce the extra vital force needed to prevent the perilous nervous collapse and exhaustion so peculiar to Influenza epidemics. When you require the Best Tonic Medicine see that you get PHOSFERINE A PROVEN REMEDY FOR Nervous Debility Lassitude Indigestion Sleeplessness Exhaustion Neuralgia Maternity Weakness Premature Decay Mental Exhaustion Loss of Appetite Influenza Neuritis Faintness Brain Fag Anaemia Nerve Shock Backache Rheumatism Headache Sciatica Phosferine lius a world-wide repute for caring disorders of the nervous system more completely and speedily and a t costless than any other preparation. SPECIAL SERVICE NOTE Tablets the Tablet form being particularly convenient for men on ACTIVE SERVICE trav ellers etc. I cant be used anytime anyw here,in a cc u rate doses as no water is required .The 3/ tube is small enough to carry in the pocket and contains U0 doses. Your sailor or soldier will be tho better for P hosferine— send him a tube of tablets. Sold by all Chemists Stores etc. Prices: 1/33/ and 5/-. The 3/- size contains nearly four times the 1/3 size.
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