The New Illustrated, 15th March 1919

Printed and published every Wednesday l>y the Proprietors, T he A m alg am ated P ress, L im it e d , The Fleetw ay House, Farringdon Street, London, E .C .l. Advertisement Offices, The Fteetw ay House^’’ arringdon Street, London, E.C.4. Registered for transmission 1-y Canadian Magazine Post. Subscription Hates : Inland, 15s. 2(1. per annum ; Single copies, 3 Jd .; Abroad (except South Africa and Australia), 17s. 4d. per annum ; Single copies, 4d. Sole Agents for South Africa, T iie CENTRAL NEWS A gency, L td . Sole Agents for A ustralia and New Zealand, M essrs. C l OR DON & liOTCH, LTD.; and for Caiuula is t h e I m i'e iu a l N e w s Co., L td . n The New IllustratedK 15th March, 1919. B. MORRIS & SONS, LTD., LONDON, E .. MORRIS’S WHIFFS MORRIS’S “BLEND” CIGARETTES I f yon Joule steadily fo r « . few • seconds at the. places wheic the white lines cross each oilier, a dark spot mysteriously appears al cuch crossing. A t all Tobacconists have a sweetness all their own. M ore satisfying to the smoker than a cigarette— less expensive than a cigar— they give cigar pleasure at little more than cigarette price. 1( you have not yet tried them, there is high pleasure in store for you when you do. If you have tried them and are familiar with them— then you already know all the charm concentrated in “ Little Mantiirios.” V " v ......... 5 i D' for 3 ; 1 1 ° for 6 ] 1/10 for 12 , 3 10 per box o f 25 ] l t 8 per box of 5 0 ; 15/3 per box of 100 H avana Blend carrying the sweet n u t­ tiness and th e rich full­ ness of V uelta Abajo tobacco and giving the delight of th e fine - H avana cigar in cigar­ ette form . Turkish Blend possessing all the peculiar arom atic p ro ­ perties of th e w orld- fam ed D u bec grow th of T u rk ish Tobacco. All 1 / - for 2 0 Egyptian Blend exhibiting the s u b tle ty and charm of cigarette tobacco m anufactured in E gypt, and appeal­ ing to th e sup er­ critical lover of fine tobacco. V irginia Blend cigarettes of m ediunT size well filled w ith th e choicest grow ths of selected Virginia tobacco. Russian Blend containing all the delicate arom a an d sweet fragrance . th at make R ussian cigarettes unique. Both lid. for 20
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