The New Illustrated, 15th March 1919

The yew Illustrated I5(h March 1919.~ L lilt n !III i H i l l!l IflT T 111111 IJ lIt 1 1 J I ilK Nat Gould Author of over 100 Popular Novels sends this striking tribute to the superlative merits of W atermans Ideal. J JL e o.ft 'V v v.Ow^ j /A/^C? liX V v v v O I A A / J J L--- «tAv v v-^. IIfrsrviA. heX. u y fen L ts U s l 'J^ v w m r X lou e-u u, Lon C'tM.GVwft. v W -du v ^ 1k ^(tr Ou— to"W O v L-v\y&. ’ £ C'VC'V. cb— U Z r v .!LS w k X . u rC bur? ca^C «r-^ ¦V/w C y C£u iuA~& 4y -Ina^ a further tribute he writes :“The penis a marvel to have never gone wrong.” Speedy pen-work plus comfort is the service rendered by W aterm ans Ideal. Whenever you wish ta use it it is ready. Wherever you happen to be your trustworthy W aterman’s Idea! is at hand when wanted. Smooth responsive the nib you alike, perfectly balanced pen and a life­time of use from it— th ats what the purchase of a Watermans Ideal means to you. W ate rm an's (Ideal) FouritaiinPen ¦.»«».¦.¦«¦«W aterm ans Ideal Fountain Pens are made in three types Socket e 1 f- tilling ”'and “Safety 1 5 /-and upwards “Regular," 10/6 and-upw ards. Obtain­ able from Stationers and Jew ellers everywhere. For Active Service No. 44 (Safety) 2 0 /-and No. 54 (Self-filling) 2 0 /-,especially recommended. In Silver and Gold for Presentation. Nibs to suit all hands. L.G. SLOAN Ltd. Ztyipeti Comer K ingsway London .C.W 2. and 3 9 Shaftesbury Avenue London W .1. r ilM M liS llllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllW lIThe distressing pains of INDIGESTION. Why suffer the distressing pains of indigestion ?Whether indi­gestion attacks you by pains after eating, biliousness head­aches flatulence, cons t i pat ion, acidity or other of its many forms, Mother Seigel Syrups is the remedy you should take. It corrects the faulty action of stomach liver and bowels—the organs of ligestion—and tones strengthens and stimu­lates them to healthy activity enabling them RELIEVED toBY perform their functions naturally and easily. Put it to the test to-day. MOTHER SEIGELS SYRUP Z O X Cures Headaches and Neuralgia Take a Zox—dry, orin water or tea. Then rest! In a few minutes you will be yourself again. Zox is wonderful in its effect. Sufferers themselves say so. Some of them have tried all manner of remedies—but they have never found anything to equal Zox. We want you if you are a martyr to headache— or neuralgia—to try Zox. 17017 C 1 Two powders will be sent to anyone 011 _ receipt of stamped addressed envelope. 1/- and 2/6 a box o f Chemists Stores or sent direct and post free on receipt of price by the ZOX CO. 11 Hatton Garden LONDON E.C. 1.
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