Profile Publications No. 99 The Focke-Wulf Fw 200

“ Saarland", the Fw 200 V-2, registration D -AERE. (Photo: H .J. Now arra) Fine study o fan Fw 200 o f KG 40 running-up for tal<e-off. Photo: C.R. Seeley Collection) D-AM HC “ N ordm ark”, D-AXFO “ Pommern” and D-ARHW “ Friesland” .The Focke Wulf Fw 200B was a more powerful production series, the first of which, the B-l, was powered by four 850 h.p. B.M.W.132 Dc radials. The Fw 200B-2 was similar but was powered by four 830 h.p. B.M.W. 132 H. radials. As previously mentioned, the Japanese were very impressed with the capabilities of the Condor following the Tokyo flight, and placed an order for five Fw 200B's. These were never in fact delivered but it was the Japanese interest in the possible use of the machine as along- range reconnaisance-bomber that resulted in the Fw 200C production series. Early in 1939, Kurt Tank began work on a maritime reconnaisance-bomber version of the Fw 200B to meet Japanese requirements. The Fw 200C was essentially similar to the Fw 200B-2, but carried an armament of three 7-9 mm. MG 15 machine guns, one in a dorsal turret, the other two at either end of a short ventral gondola. The machine had increased fuel tankage and two vertically-mounted cameras were installed in the fuselage floor. The only prototype for the series was the Fw 200 V10 (W .Nr.0001) which was followed shortly afterwards by ten Fw 200C-0 The Fw 200V-! D -AC O N “Brandenburg" at Tem plehof airfield in 1938. (Photo: H .J. Now arra) pre-production machines. These differed in having two separate dorsal positions, each housing a 7-9 mm. MG 15 gun, but the ventral gondola (which was to house a third MG 15, a 550 lb. bomb and a bomb- aimer) was not fitted to most C-0's owing to the urgent need for the air­craft by the Luftwaffe. 4
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