Profile Publications No. 99 The Focke-Wulf Fw 200

The Rcichsfuhrer SS' personal transport after capture and transfer to Farnborough, England. Royal Air Force roundels have been painted over the German national markings, but the individual emblem and the codes GC + A Fare original. (Photo: Imp. War Mus.) Condor was the Fw 200C-8 which was built speci­fically as an Hs 293 carrier. The first operational mission by an Hs 293-carrying Fw 200C-6 was made on 28th December 1943, when one of four Condors was so equipped. The Hs 293- carrying machine encountered a patrolling Coastal Command Sunderland flying boat and was forced to ditch in the sea without having a chance to launch its missiles. A few further missions were carried out by Hs 293-equipped Fw 200C-6's and C-8's, but most missile launching operations were carried out by the He 177A-5’s of l./K G 40 and Do 2l7K 's, M's and R’s o f II and III./KG 100. By the late spring of 1944. Condor operations had begun to decline, and finally, on 7th June 1944, the remaining Condor Staffeln were transferred from Bordeaux to Norway and Germany. Lack of fuel and poor servicability resulted in few or no further operations being undertaken. On 26th August 1944, Obit. Bieberger, Gruppe Technical Officer of l./KG 40, was killed whilst flying from France to Germany and shortly afterwards the whole of Kampfgesehwader 40 was disbanded. This was not the end of the Condor, however. 8./KG 40 was re-designated Transport Flieger Staff el Condor and began transport operations in Norway in October 1944. A further transport unit equipped with the Fw 200 was established in the late spring of 1945 designated Transport Flieger Staffel 200 and based at Horsching. Condors were also used by the Fiihrer Kurier Stajfel commanded by Heinz Baur this was Hitler's personal transport unit. Many Condors were in fact used by Germ any's leaders. One of the most interesting of these was the Fw 200C-4/U1 used by the Reichsfiihrer SS, Heinrich Himmler. The machine was coded“ GC FA+ ”,number “5” and was captured and flown at Farn- borough. Aft of the pilot's and radio operator's cabin was the first passenger compartment with Himmler’s seat facing forward and positioned on the starboard side of the fuselage. The seat was armour-plated with an additional sheet of armour hinged to the Aside. folding table and bookcase was provided in polished wood, the upholstery being in a sober grey. The forward compartment had accommodation for five passengers, the after cabin for six. ©J. Richard Smith, /966 The two aircraft in the foreground arc Fw 200C-4IUI versions, machine "5" being Heinrich Himmler's personal transport. (Photo: G ruppe 66) PRINTED IN ENGLAND <Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England by George Falkner &Sons Ltd., for McCorquodale City Printing Division, London. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for.
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